Is The Metaverse The Next Chapter for the Internet?

Is The Metaverse The Next Chapter for the Internet?

Roni Cerga 05/09/2022
Is The Metaverse The Next Chapter for the Internet?

In the future, there will be multiple virtual universes, each of which you can enter with your mobile device to experience the web with more vivid graphics and virtual and improved augmented reality.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has recently stated, “I believe the metaverse is the next chapter for the internet.” Virtual reality has the potential to reshape everything from entertainment and gaming to education and social interaction. But what exactly is the metaverse? And what are some of its features?

What Exactly is the Metaverse?

Several months have passed since Facebook declared its rebranding to Meta and its new focus to concentrate on the approaching “metaverse” for its future. What the phrase means hasn’t become altogether straightforward. Meta is developing a VR social platform, Roblox supports user-generated video games, and some businesses create gaming worlds with NFTs tacked on. 


According to tech industry workers, the lack of coherence is because the metaverse is in development and too new to define. For instance, the internet existed in the 1970s, but the preconceived notions about what it would eventually look like were not all accurate. But the one certain thing is that tech firms stand to make huge profits once the metaverse launches. According to Citi, the value of the Metaverse economy by 2030 might reach $13 trillion.

How Will The Metaverse Affect Societies and Their Perception of Reality?

The metaverse is a digital universe that expands upon and enhances the physical world. It has the potential to change our perception of reality and society as a whole by blurring the lines between what is real and what is digital. With such a transformative technology, it’s important to understand the implications for people’s lives. The metaverse is a game-changing technology that will profoundly impact society’s perception of reality and society.


Meta’s depiction of the evolving Metaverse

For one, you’ll be able to buy virtual houses and go to work meetings in the metaverse. This process will change how people interact with each other and the world. In addition, the metaverse will provide a new platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to reach a global audience. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for the metaverse is immense.

How Does the Blockchain Fit Into The Metaverse?

The blockchain is critical to the metaverse because it provides a secure, decentralized way to store data and transactions. Plus, blockchain can create virtual assets that can be bought, sold, or traded in the metaverse. So what does this mean? Well, Facebook has already created an open-source protocol called Spark AR that you can use to create your own augmented reality experiences.


Imagine a social media platform where people could purchase these digital assets from other users. It would allow users to make money off the digital content and collect assets that could increase in value over time (similar to buying shares). Imagine everyone being able to buy and sell stock for unique creations. Through blockchain, the world economy is transitioning from a system based on scarcity to one based on abundance. And with blockchain technology becoming more widespread, more and more opportunities are emerging for entrepreneurs to build new platforms that will shape the future economy.

How You Can Get Involved in the Metaverse Today

While the metaverse is still in development, there are already ways to access it. For example, Meta has developed its own virtual reality headset Meta Quest 2, which can serve as your gateway into the metaverse. After downloading the app from the website, put on your headset and press Enter. You will find yourself in a white room with floating monitors where your journey into the metaverse begins.

Some popular virtual worlds include VRChat, Second Life, and Decentraland, or start developing your own world using platforms like High Fidelity or Somnium Space. You can also create avatars and experiences using tools like Unreal Engine, also used to create realistic scenes in Hollywood movies.


VR Chat Setup & Configuration

People can create realistic digital representations in the metaverse. Using laptop computers, mobile devices, and VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2, users can build realistic customizable avatars. These controllable avatars mimic actual humans visually and speak and move with realism.

From August, the 128GB and 256GB variants of Meta Quest 2 will cost $399.99 and $499.99, respectively. And for a limited time, with every new headset purchase, there will be a free download offer for the VR game Beat Saber. Over $1 billion has been spent on Meta Quest apps by users, assisting creators in developing ever-improving VR-optimized games and experiences.

The Potential to Revolutionize the World

While the true nature of the metaverse may not have been fully realized as of yet, there are a number of corporations looking at using metaverse technologies (namely Augmented and Virtual Reality) in order to develop the next generation of training content for their teams.  Using these technologies undoubtedly leads to faster learning, better retention, and invariably cost savings in the short and long term.  See how Toyota Material Handling is utilizing VR training in a recent case study here.


Toyota using Virtual Reality Multiplayer Training

The metaverse is a virtual world that exists on the internet. It is where people can interact with each other and with computer-generated characters and objects. The metaverse is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with each other and with the world.

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