The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

Naveen Joshi 18/05/2020 6
The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in software testing can automate processes, allowing IT solutions providers to maximize customer satisfaction and shorten development cycles.

Multiple sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and finance are leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline their processes. Incorporating AI in the framework largely encompasses the use of IoT devices and AI-based apps to control and automate the processes involved. The success or the failure of these AI apps will have an impact on the business accordingly. Thus, the testing of these apps becomes vital before deployment. However, software testing has its own set of challenges. These include a lack of awareness, challenges related to scalability, performance, stability, and functionality in real-world applications. The use of AI in software testing can help overcome these challenges and make the software-testing process automated and less-tedious. Some of the benefits of using AI in software testing are discussed below.


Software Processing


Artificial intelligence can help clear bottlenecks faced by software testers. Automating the process of software testing with the help of AI has potential benefits, some of which include:

Improved Accuracy

Mistakes are bound to happen in manual testing, especially in doing repetitive tasks. The use of AI in software testing eliminates the chances of errors occurring in the testing phase. The AI software analyzes the data and completes the task with the intended accuracy, time after time. The AI can catch bugs in a matter of seconds. It can quickly identify the line of code with the error. The tester can thus quickly make changes to the code or the AI software can itself make changes due to machine learning capabilities. This automated process frees up time for testers to perform other similar important tasks.

Reduced Time

Manual testing is a slow process. And every code change requires new tests that consume the same amount of time as before. AI can be leveraged to automate the test processes. AI provides for precise and continuous testing at a fast pace. It can simulate thousands of tests in a short period of time. Thus, the time required for testing is reduced drastically.

Faster Time to Market

The amalgamation of the two above-mentioned benefits helps developers as well as implementers. The use of AI in software testing can lead to better application development with shorter periods required for testing. Thus, the final product can be marketed, advertised, and deployed for commercial use at the earliest. Thus, developers can develop the product faster with minimum bugs and the clients can start using the product at the earliest, and eventually the end-customer. Thus, it is a win-win situation for every party involved.

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The process of software development has increased in complexity. At the same time, the delivery times expected have reduced significantly. Using AI in software testing can significantly help developers. This, in turn, will benefit the businesses employing these solutions. The initial investment in AI may prove costly but businesses are assured of greater financial rewards in the long run.

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