Top 6 Reasons to Start Trading Crypto in 2021

Top 6 Reasons to Start Trading Crypto in 2021

Anas Bouargane 04/12/2020 3
Top 6 Reasons to Start Trading Crypto in 2021

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the town.

Top 6 Reasons to Start Trading Crypto in 2021

Even so, there are still so many people that perceive the topic with great caution because of the lack of understanding of what cryptocurrencies actually are. Many of those curious individuals, maybe to learn about them more, however, there is no guarantee that the next step on their mind is to invest or trade in cryptocurrencies. 

If you are one of those individuals that have researched enough and are reluctant and wondering whether you should trade with crypto, these 6 reasons may help you to decide to start in 2021. 

Reason no. 1: Demand Growth

The first crypto ever was Bitcoin. It was launched a little bit over a decade ago. Like any other newly made currency,  it has a decentralized nature. It is here to stay and is worth investing in, considering how easy it is to buy bitcoin and since the number of crypto projects is increasing, there is no reason why not to. All cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have changed the traditional financial system from the ground up. Not only that the user has control and significant freedom over their own finances, but there is no need to rely on banks. Crypto investing is not a newly made whim and trend, it is but a reality. 

According to data, there are over 5 thousand cryptos to invest in because of the rise of the demand. 

Reason no. 2: High Liquidity

The second reason to consider trading in crypto next year, in case you were wondering, is it for you and should you participate in trading with currency, is the high liquidity in the world of cryptocurrency trading. The conclusion is that the selling and buying of crypto is easy. For example, when it comes to Bitcoin, there will always be a high demand for it. The number of crypto wallets in 2020 has increased to more than 50 million according to data. 

Crypto trading today is highly accessible and is not reserved only for the big businesses and ambitious investors and other "big whales" in any type of industry. It is not complicated as it may seem. Selling and buying items is quick and easy because the trading platforms have a good technological organization. 

They offer various tactics to users as well as tools, which can be algorithm-based trading or limit-orders. To explain for instance what limit orders would mean. Buying and selling would be automated at a specific price which is a huge advantage. Being that said, liquidity is more than high. 

Reason no. 3: Potentially Great Returns

The possibility of making a profit is the main reason why people tend to invest in cryptocurrency. Even though you might not like it, "money makes the world go around", and crypto is for that reason the best one to invest in. Trading with these currencies, even if it is relatively "new". The potential returns are much higher compared to the traditional types of investments like stocks for instance. 

Even if cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, the potential achievement of high returns from a single trade is still more than possible. Before going into any venture, it is advisable to take all factors into consideration and all potential risks. If you decide to participate in these types of investments in 2021, devise an effective risk strategy in order to limit your losses and you will be good to go. 

Reason no. 4: Bright Future of Cryptocurrencies

The overall future of cryptocurrencies is more than bright. That alone is yet another reason why it would be a smart idea to invest in the upcoming year of 2021. They are safer and more promising alternatives to other types of investments even if they are considered to be highly volatile from time to time.  

Bitcoin can be used for instance, as a good example. It has entered history and has been declared lost multiple times and yet, it has survived all ups and downs, and right now, it thrives during the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

The current price is around 15 thousand dollars. For that reason, investors are quite positive when it comes to Bitcoin's future. It is believed that investing in Bitcoin in this time of uncertainty is safer. 

Reason no. 5: Accessibility 

Being involved in any kind of investment can be time-consuming and not to mention bothersome, regardless of the bonds or stocks are at stake. Real estate for example, like other investment opportunities, have a very high threshold entry. That means you can not simply invest 100 dollars, you would need a significantly larger sum in your possession so you would be able to get started. With cryptocurrencies, taking part in investment is simple.

There is no need for you to deal with any institution, visit banks, or sign any kind of papers. All you have to do is to make an account, invest how much you want and then follow all your assets without any effort at all. 

Reason no. 6: No Mediators

A level of independence is possible with cryptocurrencies unlike with other means. Meaning, when you keep your finances in the bank, for instance, you are at the mercy of the people and the organization itself. If the bank is closed, you have limited access to the money which is by right yours. Not to mention that the bank can be bankrupted or robbed.

With cryptocurrency, your money is not going anywhere, it is just yours and stays like that forever.  You would not need to rely on any kind of financial institution for possible transfers and holding. Also, the plus is that their fees which can be quite large are avoided. In the long run, cryptocurrency can become the basis of a decentralized economy. 

Digital currency has been on the radar in the public eye at an accelerated rate over the last couple of years. Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere, and these mentioned reasons are taken into account, there is no reason not to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Especially since it can be proven to be an incredible long-term investment. 

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    Bitcoin hit all-time highs this week

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    Crypto is the future of banking. Trade carefully !

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