UK Searches for 'Delete Twitter Account' Surge 520% Amid Tweet View Limitation

UK Searches for 'Delete Twitter Account' Surge 520% Amid Tweet View Limitation

Mihir Gadhvi 04/07/2023
UK Searches for 'Delete Twitter Account' Surge 520% Amid Tweet View Limitation

‘Delete Twitter’ and 'Delete Twitter account' searches have risen by 983% and 520% in the UK as rate limiting was imposed on accounts.

The change prompted a 2,806% rise in searches for ‘How to delete Twitter account’ and 152% worldwide on July 1 as UK-based account holders find out how they will be affected. 

The rate limiting has caused confusion among users, with searches for 'Is Twitter down' skyrocketing by 4,173% in the UK. Elon Musk explained that the limits were implemented to combat data scraping and manipulation, but it has prompted backlash from affected users.

The move is seen as an attempt to attract users to Twitter's paid subscription platform, Twitter Blue, which allows higher tweet viewing limits.


How Twitter Can Tackle Bots?

Elon Musk Twitter

Twitter can take several steps to tackle bots and reduce their impact on the platform. Here are some strategies they can consider:

1. Improved AI and Machine Learning

Twitter can invest in advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and flag bot accounts more effectively. These algorithms can analyze account behavior, content, and engagement patterns to identify suspicious accounts.


2. Bot Account Detection

Twitter can implement more stringent verification processes during account creation to ensure that users are real individuals. They can use phone number verification, CAPTCHAs, and other methods to reduce the creation of bot accounts.


3. Reporting Mechanisms

Enhance the reporting mechanisms for users to report suspected bot accounts. A clear and easy-to-use reporting process will help users contribute to identifying and removing bot activity.


4. Continuous Monitoring

Twitter should continuously monitor and analyze the platform to detect new patterns of bot behavior and adapt their detection methods accordingly.


5. Limit Automation

Twitter can limit or restrict automation features for accounts to prevent bots from posting, retweeting, or following users at an alarming rate.


6. Collaborate with Researchers

Work with external researchers and experts in the field of bot detection and social media analytics to improve their strategies for identifying and combating bots effectively.


7. Use User Behavior Analysis

Analyze user engagement patterns to distinguish between genuine user activity and bot-generated interactions. Unusual spikes in activity or repetitive patterns can indicate bot behavior.


8. Suspend and Remove Suspicious Accounts

Take swift action in suspending and removing confirmed bot accounts to prevent them from spreading misinformation and manipulating discussions.


9. Promote Transparency

Be transparent with users about actions taken against bot accounts and how the platform is tackling the issue. Transparency will build trust and confidence among the user community.


10. Educate Users

Educate users about bots and their potential impact on the platform. Raising awareness about the existence of bots will help users identify and report suspicious accounts.

By implementing a combination of these strategies, Twitter can effectively tackle bots and create a healthier, more authentic environment for its users.

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