Website Speed: How it Affects Your Site’s Rating and Traffic

Website Speed: How it Affects Your Site’s Rating and Traffic

Everyone is always looking for an internet service provider that can provide faster browsing speed. Why so? Time they say is money; that sums it up.

No one wants to spend much time waiting for a page to load. Imagine working on a research paper and you are on a deadline. How frustrating does it get if a page that promises some vital information takes forever to load? Oh, so annoying!

What about those days you take your time to do some shopping online to take advantage of a mega sales days? You’ve loaded all the items you need into your cart and now it’s time to check out. But, alas, two minutes later you are still waiting for the transaction to be completed.

All these scenarios were just to depict how important it is for a website to load fast and efficiently. 

Understanding How Speed Affects Your Website

In these days when the world has become a global village, a lot of transactions go on online. For this reason, a community, organization or business can either make profit or incur loss on and from their websites. Let’s look at some examples of the adverse effects of slow website speed.

Slow Website Speed Affects Shopping Habits

When people are browsing an e-commerce site, the speed at which the page loads affects whether there’ll be a sale or not. Even a second of delay in loading speed impacts negatively the user experience.

Research done by the Hosting Tribunal shows that 39% of users leave a site if it takes too long to load or doesn’t load at all. 51% percent of visitors abandon a transaction or lose interest in buying if the speed of the website is slow.

74% of those who use smartphones for such transactions expect that the page to load immediately. If it takes more than five seconds to load, they often leave the page. 

Online Retailers Lose Revenue Due to Slow Website Speed

Over $18 billion is lost in revenue yearly because users abandon their shopping cart due to slow website speed. Most users get wary once checkout on an e-commerce site takes longer than they’ve come to expect. The experience of most online shoppers has been that once the transaction takes long, it would end up truncated or cancelled. This is why most buyers would just abandon the transaction. 

Slow Websites Get Negative Publicity

It has been said in show biz that all publicity is good publicity but that’s not always the case with e-commerce. Trends show that 44% of users would tell their friends and family about a bad experience online.

If as many as 44% of users tell others that they’ve had bad experience using a particular site, you can be sure that the site won’t get as many visitors as previously. 

Website Speed Affects Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is an important factor that influences customer loyalty. One major thing that ensures customer satisfaction is a fast loading web page. Even one second of delay would decrease the satisfaction of customers by about 16%.

It has been discovered that 52% of customers remain loyal to a site that loads fast and they are likely to pass the word around.

Traffic Is Enhanced by the Speed of the Site

People keep going back to sites that load faster; they’ll even recommend the page/site to others. The following are some facts on how site traffic is affected by speed:-

  1. Site traffic increases by 9% if there is an improvement of 0.4 seconds in page load time. This is based on a test by Yahoo.
  2. The number of times a page is viewed can be reduced by 11% if there is a delay of one second in the loading time.
  3. If Google’s search results page takes 0.5 seconds longer to load, Google will get 25% fewer searches.

The above statistics show traffic to a site is affected heavily by how fast the site loads.


If you run an e-commerce business (or have any other type of website), it is important that you learn how to optimize the speed of your website. Without a doubt, serving content reliably and quickly is the crucial for any successful online venture.

Check out the infographic below and see exactly why it is so:

How Speed affects Your Website  

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