What Are The Incredible Advantages of ETRM Software?

What Are The Incredible Advantages of ETRM Software?

Daniel Hall 25/03/2022
What Are The Incredible Advantages of ETRM Software?

Due to product price fluctuations, commodities trading is volatile and unpredictable.

Energy trading is also fraught with danger due to the actions of some unscrupulous dealers. ETRM systems, on the other hand, provide advantages that can assist energy traders in avoiding becoming victims of fraud, obtaining knowledge, and making informed judgments. The following are some of the benefits of ETRM software.

1. Analytics & Risk Management

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Proper risk management plans and practices are part of ETRM systems. The mechanisms are in place to assist businesses, oil and gas traders, and energy suppliers in identifying risks in the value chain and recommending the best course of action to mitigate those risks. Many global energy trading organizations use ETRM systems to limit risk and increase profit.

2. Strong Energy Dealers from the Front to the Back Office

Energy dealers, oil and gas companies, and suppliers use ETRM systems from ctrm software company for front-to-back support. It includes a comprehensive list of goods and derivatives. It also has a market platform for planning, tracking, risk reporting, collateral control, and treasury administration, and it reduces the need for manual data integration in trading activities. Deal capture and pricing management, shipping and planning, position management, risk monitoring (VaR, EaR), assessment and efficiency, accounting, resolution, and regulatory reporting are some of the backend services supplied by the ETRM system.

3. Cloud-Based Services with a Wide Range of Features

ETRM platforms, such as RightAngle, are cloud-based applications with a wide range of features. They are more efficient in a variety of ways. They may also be set up in half the time that on-premise systems require to get up and running. RightAngle consulting services further enhance the capabilities of ETRM, providing company owners with the information they need to make educated decisions. The platforms are simple to use, allowing energy dealers to make more informed judgments more quickly.

4. Financial and Physical Trading are Both Supported

Commodity prices fluctuate a lot. At the same time, they account for a sizable share of the overall manufacturing expenses. A sophisticated ETRM system, on the other hand, may handle both physical and financial trading. It may deal with a wide range of commodities, including electricity, natural gas, metals, crude oil, and crude oil derivatives. With considerable price exposure, energy dealers, enterprises, and energy providers employ ETRM systems to create a complicated portfolio.

5. Product Movements and Scheduling

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Supplying energy products to clients' selected destinations is one of the most critical functions of the ETRM system. Scheduling in the commodities sector may be a difficult task. There are several scheduling considerations, and the schedulers are in charge of arranging all product movements. Their tasks include collaborating with service providers and mapping out a way to transfer things effectively. The objective is to provide items on schedule and at a low cost. Any delays or detention will result in increased costs and a reduction in profits.

Schedulers may use many product pathways to transfer their goods. Receipt, delivery, point-to-point, storage, or drawing from stockpiles are all examples of paths. Each path has its own set of charges, which scheduling tools such as ETRM software may help with.

Commodity traders are used to managing risk and making educated decisions using inefficient on-premise systems. However, handling energy trading in today's environment is very difficult due to commodity volatility. Implementing an ETRM system from ctrm Software Company is the best strategy to control uncertainty and increase productivity in energy trading. As you can see from the list above, ETRM systems offer a wide range of capabilities. It aids commodities traders and company owners in gaining insight and making well-informed judgments.

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