6 Most Common Materials That Are Used In Manufacturing

6 Most Common Materials That Are Used In Manufacturing

Daniel Hall 19/10/2021
6 Most Common Materials That Are Used In Manufacturing

There are few materials that most manufacturing companies use in their production process.

This article will cover 6 of the most common materials used in manufacturing and what they are used for!

1. Wiring Harness

A wiring harness is used for most cars, trucks, and most construction equipment. It is used for communication between different devices on a vehicle or machine. Harnesses are most commonly made from wiring with insulation that protects them against damage caused by abrasion or environmental conditions such as moisture, oil, and dirt. Insulation serves a secondary function of preventing electrical contact which may lead to short circuits inside critical components in an automobile's engine control unit (ECU) or other electronic systems.


There's a lot of demand for wiring harnesses in Western Australia because of this. If you're in need of it, look into which companies work in the manufacturing of wiring harnesses in WA so that you have a supplier for all your needs. Look into what your options are and how much it might cost for your budget.

2. Rubber 


One very useful material is rubber. It can be used most commonly in tires for vehicles, but it has so many other uses too. A lot of the most common items that people use every day include products that have rubber on them or are made from rubber materials, such as hoses and mattresses to name a few examples. Rubber is also used in most other materials to enhance durability and strength.

It's common because it's easy to work with and most manufacturers have easy access to it. Rubber has many uses in manufacturing because of its versatility, ease of use, and durability. 

3. Plastic 


There are tons of industries that use plastic in their products. Here are some of the industries:

  • automotive, especially in car manufacturing

  • construction, which most commonly uses plastic sheets and pipes for exterior walls

  • textiles, where most clothing is made from synthetic fibers instead of cotton

  • food packaging services, especially those that sell their items in plastic bags or bottles

  • electrical and communications equipment, most commonly using plastics like g10 material as insulation for wires and cable housings

People use plastics to make all kinds of items including water bottles, toys, furniture, and cars among many others. Plastic is a very versatile material that can be molded into any shape or form making it easier for manufacturers to create durable consumer goods at a lower price point than most other options. 

One of the most common types of plastic used in manufacturing is polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET or PETE for short. This type of plastic can be found in most water bottles and food containers that are made to go into microwaves because it doesn’t warp at high temperatures like some other plastics.

4. Wood


Apart from furniture, wood is most commonly used across most industries in the manufacture of other things such as doors, window frames, and much more.

Wood is usually sourced from a plantation where it has been cultivated for the specific purpose of manufacturing wood products out of it. It can also be harvested from forests but this method can take longer to bear fruit. The use of trees that have already fallen down or are cut down due to construction work or natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis is another way which wood gets into manufacturers' hands without having to wait too long for new acres of land on plantations to grow enough material for their needs.

Wood is one of the most sustainable materials because its cultivation does not require any fertilizers or pesticides making it an organic product unlike most manufactured goods today.

5. Metal


Metal is likely the most common material used in manufacturing. There are many different types of metal, and each one is used for a specific purpose. The most common type of metal used in manufacturing is steel, aluminum, and cast iron. Steel is most often used for large-scale projects because it’s stronger than other metals. Aluminum is lighter weight so it's commonly used for smaller products like electronics or airplanes. Cast Iron has a high melting point which makes it great to be used as an engine block on cars, trucks, and buses.

6. Paper 


The material that will also be always useful is paper. It is most commonly used in the manufacturing of paper cups, paper plates, and napkins. Paper can also be found in most common household goods such as toilet paper, tissues, books, etc. 

It's cheap, lightweight, and most importantly easy to recycle. That's why many companies are using paper in manufacturing. It's also the most commonly used material for recycling as well as most biodegradable, which is very important because we all want to leave this world a little better than when we found it. 

There are materials that are used in a lot of industries. Wiring harness is mostly used in the automotive industry, but it's also present in many more. Rubber, plastic, and wood are cheap and easy to gather so they're also pretty common. Metal is all around you and so is paper. Just make sure you have a good supplier for whichever you use! 

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