Erdal Ozdemir Tech Guru

Erdal is a renowned scientist and prominent researcher at Imperial College. He graduated from UCL and Imperial College London with a distinction. His main areas of interests are: weight loss, changes in gene expression after bariatric surgery, genetic factors in manifestation of type 2 diabetes and monogenic mutation. His research has been featured in many British newspapers.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media

There are many enduring questions. The fast pace of life doesn’t give us a break to take a few steps back and to contemplate on those questions. Wisdom is disappearing from our lives; it is turning into quotes from highly successful people; those that have made it in monetary terms. The thicker their wallet, the greater the wisdom attributed to the hollow words they disseminate.

  • 11/10/2017
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The Next Big FinTech Innovation

There is huge interest and investment in alternative payment technologies to replace the use of traditional cash and bank cards across both digital and analogue transactions. In the last two decades, PayPal has become one of the major players in digital payments, although their business primarily operates through Ebay transactions. Tap-and-pay payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay have also become more prominent with the rise of smartphone usage and incorporation of NFC technology into smart devices.  

  • 05/07/2017
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