How to Avoid Bankruptcy Filing At All Cost?

How to Avoid Bankruptcy Filing At All Cost?

Anas Bouargane 13/09/2020 6
How to Avoid Bankruptcy Filing At All Cost?

Many people rely on debt to buy a property and meet other needs in life.

However, debt can be so overwhelming at times that some people often find themselves in a dire situation where declaring bankruptcy can be the only way out. When you file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a trustee will take over your debt and you may lose some property in the process. Your credit history will also be impacted by this move. Therefore, it is a good idea to explore other viable alternatives that can help you avoid bankruptcy even if it means that it can cost you more to clear your debt. 

Read on to learn how you can avoid bankruptcy filing at all costs. 

How to Avoid Bankruptcy Filing At All Cost?

Talk To Your Creditors

One thing that you should understand is that creditors are human too, and they will listen if you talk to them. They would rather get something from you instead of nothing such that they can give you a grace period so that you can settle your debt. It is vital to inform your lenders that you are having some financial difficulties but want to avoid bankruptcy. You also need to express your willingness to clear your credit despite the financial hardships that you will be facing. You then need to ask if they can review your monthly payment installments together with interest rates. Different financial institutions offer hardship programs that are designed for such people who find themselves in such a predicament. When you enter into this hardship program, you should make sure that the interest rates have been lowered.

Get Expert Legal Advice

Before you file for bankruptcy, it is important to know the consequences of taking such a decision. For instance, you will not be exempted from things like eviction, suspension of a driver's license if you have pending fines as well as lawsuits if you file for bankruptcy. You also end up with a poor credit rating that can prevent you from borrowing for about 10 years. This can worsen your financial situation since you can only access loans with higher interest rates.  

Therefore, you should get sound legal advice so that you can make an informed decision. It is essential to get the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney so that you do not worsen your financial situation. Professional attorneys at explain that if you find yourself in a financial crisis, you need help so that you can have a fresh start. The lawyers can help you with other alternatives that can help you avoid filing for bankruptcy at all costs. There are different options that can help you prevent such a difficult decision. You can also enlist the services of a consumer credit counselor to help you with debt management. This will give you peace of mind since these people are experienced in dealing with different cases of debts.  

Sell Other Assets To Clear Your Debt

It is crucial to consider selling other assets to pay off your debts when you realize that you can no longer afford to pay your loan. You should not wait for too long until you are behind on payments which may result in legal action from your creditors. For instance, you can sell things like jewelry, furniture, and electronics to avoid bankruptcy. You can do without some of the things instead of spoiling your credit history over a long period while you rebuild your financial situation. The most important thing is to show commitment to your creditors that you are willing to pay your debt.  

Review Your Budget And Cut On spending

How to Avoid Bankruptcy Filing At All Cost?

If you are faced with a situation where you can no longer afford to repay your loans, it is important to review your budget and exercise financial discipline. You need to change your lifestyle and reduce your spending so that you can save some money to repay your credit. For instance, you can consider using cash instead of credit cards which only keep you in debt. Many people are tempted to overspend when they use credit cards and this only worsens their situation. 

It is also essential to consider driving a less expensive car so that you can properly manage your credit. You can also do away with things like going on vacation and other luxuries that will force you to spend more money instead of repaying your loans. You can cut out on things like alcohol, gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, and other luxuries that you can live without. You should focus on basic things like food, transportation as well as paying your utility bills. 

Debt Consolidation 

The other thing that you can consider is debt consolidation where you can combine all your debts into one loan with a lower interest rate. If you qualify for such a loan, this strategy can go a long way in helping you rebuild your financial status so that you can avoid bankruptcy. Alternatively, you can also negotiate for a debt settlement where you agree to make a certain lump sum in the hope that the creditors will forgive part of your debt. All the same, these strategies come with consequences that you should be aware of before you consider them. 

Get Assistance From Friends And Family

Instead of filing for bankruptcy, you need to exhaust all the alternatives available. For example, it is a good idea to consider borrowing some money from friends and relatives so that you can pay off your debts. You need to calculate the money that you may need to avoid bankruptcy. All the same, you should be careful with this option since it can spoil your relationship with your loved ones.  

A bankruptcy filing can give you relief from your creditors if you find yourself in a critical financial situation. A trustee takes over your debt and this will serve you from incessant calls from the lenders demanding their money. However, bankruptcy comes with consequences that can affect your credit history such that you may not be able to access credit for a long period. This can be problematic since many people rely on debt to cover different things in their lives. Therefore, to prevent such a situation, it is important to consider other alternatives that can save you from the burden of failing to access credit over a long period. If possible, you need to avoid bankruptcy at all costs.

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    I avoid unnecessary costs.

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    Bankruptcy is painful... I don't want to experience it....

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    Coming from a struggling 31 year old I’d like to say thank you for this article

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    Imagine doing this in monopoly after every loss

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