Kelcy Warren Emphasizes the Need for Diverse Global Energy

Kelcy Warren Emphasizes the Need for Diverse Global Energy

Daniel Hall 09/03/2023
Kelcy Warren Emphasizes the Need for Diverse Global Energy

Now more than ever, the world is focusing on energy supplies.

Between world events, record-breaking cold and economic concerns, nearly everyone’s thoughts are turning to our natural resources. Energy scarcity in European nations and other parts of the world have everyone concerned. The accessibility of affordable and consistent energy is essential to humankind, with no discrimination between socioeconomic or geographic differences.


The World Needs Energy

As things stand, about 80% of the world’s natural gas and oil come from fossil fuels. The more the population increases, the energy needs of the world increases along with it. Since the dawn of technological advances, demand for energy has increased, too. When you combine technological advances with the growth of the population, it’s clear that energy demands are growing exponentially.

Even though technology has helped many people on the planet to live more advanced lives, the fact remains that almost three billion of earth’s inhabitants are still living in what is called energy poverty. They don’t have access to reliable energy, and they suffer from related illnesses and fatalities, according to the World Health Organization. In places where people use low quality fuels like wood, crop waste and even dung, there are higher instances of diseases linked to household pollution.

How Banks Are Involved

The blame for energy poverty can be partially placed on banks, which make it very hard for developing countries to develop infrastructure for fossil fuel energy; the same kind of energy that advanced nations have thrived on for decades. Because the banks are the gatekeeper for global financing, energy-poor nations are negatively impacted, with their populations living lower quality lives, and limiting their economic chances for growth. This is ironic, because the U.S., one of the most energy-rich nations in the world, and the U.S. allies are more vulnerable to geopolitical risks when energy limitations like these are put into place.

Energy Transfer Exports Energy

As a leading supplier of natural gas, Energy Transfer exports more natural gas liquids than any country or company in the world. Its exports represent roughly 20% of the world’s natural gas liquids market. Kelcy Warren, who founded Energy Transfer along with his partner Ray Davis back in 1996, has this to say. “We can surely count ourselves as the fortunate ones, to have enormous reserves of oil and gas throughout the United States. Our reserves are in abundance and plenty to take care of our needs on American soil as well as supply markets around the globe for many years into the future.” As the Executive Chairman of Energy Transfer, Kelcy Warren goes on to say, “We couldn’t be more proud to be able to assist developing countries through Energy Transfer’s export operations. As far as having the best global impact on lowering carbon emissions, we firmly believe that increasing the availability of natural gas is a crucial factor.”

Backing Diverse Energy Sources

Warren states that natural gas serves as the foundation for a variety of energy sources. Along with other energy sources, natural gas will play a crucial role in satisfying future energy demands as the world's energy resources change.

In recent decades, Europe's energy policies have emphasized the hazards of diminishing domestic fossil fuel supplies and excessive reliance on renewable energy sources. There is a simple remedy, according to Kelsey Warren. "Utilize current fossil fuel resources to build new technologies that will facilitate the creation and expansion of a vast array of global energy resources." The quickest and most effective method to cut carbon emissions is to increase the production and export of natural gas and to enhance the quality of life for billions of people in emerging nations. Our nation is endowed with vast natural gas reserves. "These can be generated safely and sustained for decades, supporting our economy and the growing global demand for reliable energy." Warren thinks that Americans should be aware of this throughout the whole year.

On Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren has over twenty years of experience in the oil and gas sector. He serves on a number of boards, including those of SemGroup, CrossTex Energy, and the Arlington campus of the University of Texas. Energy Transfer was formed in 1996 by Kelcy Warren and his business partner Ray Davis. Energy Transfer is now one of the largest publicly listed energy corporations in the United States, operating in 18 states and transporting 30% of the nation's natural gas and oil.

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