Santanu Mukherjee Tech Guru

Santanu has been working with an automation start up & acting as a venture advisor for start ups on product development & go-to-market strategy. He believes in entrepreneurship within corporations as a way of thinking and execution. His strength is in converting business insight into strategy and following it through. His specialties are automation, RPA, business process transformation, partner management, building & managing large global teams and change management.  Santanu holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and is an MBA in Strategy, Finance and Systems from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.


Conundrum Automation

A critical part of every company is becoming technology enabled, whether one is selling soap or providing services. Automation, quite rightfully, is one flight that people can't afford to miss. Everybody is looking at quick, easy wins in Automation to generate sweeping buy-in from stakeholders and move ahead or play catch up.