Best Treatments to Remove Blemishes for Men and Women

Best Treatments to Remove Blemishes for Men and Women

Best Treatments to Remove Blemishes for Men and Women

There are few things worse in the morning than discovering a blemish on your skin that wasn’t there the night before!

These things can pop up seemingly out of nowhere, usually when you’re headed for a job interview or out on a date and have just finished getting ready — but failed to notice that scourge on your face that could derail the whole thing!

Luckily, a few treatments are available for those who suffer from blemishes, whether chronically or otherwise. However, before we dive into what those are, we first need to understand what blemishes are.

What Are Blemishes? 


There are a few different types of blemishes that affect your skin differently. 

  • Acne occurs when dirt or skin oil clogs up your hair follicles. Acne can appear as either blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples. Other causes of acne can be stress and hormonal changes.

  • Papules are skin lesions typically one centimeter or less in diameter and appear either pink or brown on the skin’s surface. There are a variety of causes of papules, including psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, or shingles.

  • Nodules are similar to papules but are slightly bigger — usually two centimeters - and appear as a tissue collection. Skin tags and warts are the most common nodules.

  • Aging spots are small dark spots that can appear anywhere on the body exposed to the sun. They’re more common on the face and usually appear in people over 50. 

There are plenty of other types of blemishes, though these are typically more medical and can include various skin cancers, cysts, and cold sores.

How to Treat Blemishes? 

How_to_Treat_Blemishes .jpg

Unless a medical problem causes a blemish, most blemishes are perfectly harmless and are mostly just an annoyance. But most of them are plenty treatable with the right combination of removal tools! We’ll go over the different blemish treatments by type below.

Acne Medications 

If you struggle with acne — some people only get it when they’re teenagers as part of puberty. For others, it is more common due to stress, hormones, and other factors. There are a variety of over-the-counter acne medications available. Facial scrubs are one of the best acne meds out there, as they work by unclogging and opening up your pores, allowing the acne to be cleared up by natural healing.

Scar Healing Promotion 

Scarring can occur for various reasons, and most scars aren’t permanent — though some scars, depending on the depth of the injury, can take a while to heal. Healing scars faster allows the skin to perform its natural processes. 

You can do this through a variety of mechanisms. Still, one such successful product is the LED Facial Wand, which emits red or blue LED light, penetrating the skin at different levels. It also promotes faster healing. This is great for shaving nicks and other small scars.

Healthy Hygiene Habits 

One of the most important things you can do to keep blemishes at bay is to keep your skin healthy. This means washing daily with warm water and soap and keeping your face moisturized if you suffer from dry skin.

Hyperpigmentation Creams 

One way to slow down hyperpigmentation (excess melanin production, causing darkness in certain skin areas) is to turn to hyperpigmentation creams. These prescription products routinely contain hydroquinone, which has been proven to slow down aging spots and acne scarring.

Sun Protection 

One of the worst things you can do for your skin — including the promotion of blemishing caused by things like skin cancer is not to wear sunscreen when you go outside on a day with a high UV index. You’re asking for trouble. 

Always apply a healthy layer of sunscreen to parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun. This will help protect your skin against damage both now from sunburn and, in the future, from skin cancers that can kill you.

No matter what your blemishes are, there are always treatments available once they pop up, both pharmaceutical and natural. You can always take preventative measures to ensure the blemishes are less common and to help keep your face looking beautiful and free of imperfections.

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