4 Key Facts to Know About Music Distribution in a Digital Age

4 Key Facts to Know About Music Distribution in a Digital Age

Daniel Hall 28/03/2023
4 Key Facts to Know About Music Distribution in a Digital Age

Becoming a musician is an exciting and delightful journey that millions of people all around the world strive for.

Taking that step into being a professional is far from easy as the music industry is a hard industry to break into. The good news is that when it comes to finding a way to become a musician, on almost any level, there are as many options available to you as there are genres to choose from. 

The music industry itself is massive, and to say that there is only one way to go about finding success in it simply isn’t true. While at one point in time, the road to fame and achievement may have been more linear, especially when technology was not readily available, the truth is that modern convenience has changed the game. No longer do hopeful musicians need to look at exorbitant fees to use recording technology, or find the good graces of producers and record labels to have a chance at publishing. 

Thanks to advances in technology, not only has recording and publishing, but even music distribution has become something that can happen from the comfort of your own home. However, with these advancements comes not just benefits but also caution. As with most endeavors, there are a variety of factors to consider when wanting to advance to the next stage. 

If you have been curious about taking your music creation and distribution to the next level in the digital age, here are some key facts to know and consider along the way! 

1. Just Because You Publish - Doesn’t Mean You Get Streams

The first, and probably most obvious, is that just because you publish and distribute your music, doesn’t mean that you will get streams. Modern technology has advanced to the point that the ability to record, mix, master, publish, and even distribute your own music is something that can be done with relative ease. Yes, to do it well or even on a professional level takes years of practice, and skill, and is no small feat to accomplish, however even with the best product one of the most substantial challenges is attaining the actual streams.

In a digital world, streams are everything. These can be equivalent to album sales for metrics, and every stream itself generates some form of revenue. While an individual stream will produce revenue, a reality that artists have to deal with is the fact that each individual stream represents a very minute amount of that said revenue. So, the name of the game here - is quantity. 

2. Have a Good Release Schedule and Plan

The old adage that, it’s not what you know - but who you know, holds true even within the age of digital streaming for up-and-coming musicians. Yes, massive labels with expendable marketing budgets will of course be one of the most proficient methods for truly reaching the masses, but you don’t have to be Adele to have a successful track, mix tape, or even album release. 

Utilizing your network is a powerful advantage that anyone can employ especially when it comes to releasing digital music. The good news is that it’s in the best interest of modern streaming giants to help you be successful. The more streams you can accrue, the more foot traffic your apps can acquire. So finding tutorials, instructional content, and more about algorithms and how to best release music is possible - it will just take some research. 

3. Social Media Presence Can Go a Long Way

Another powerful factor you want to take into your consideration is the fact that exposure needs to happen when you release digital music - and social media represents one of the best avenues. Social media is a great networking tool in general, but when utilized properly to help connect your existing fans and tuned toward reaching potential fans, it can be powerful! 

The good news about social media is that anyone can learn how to use it. Now, there is a bit of a learning curve for the uninitiated, especially when it comes to using various social media platforms for marketing; however, learning the tools of the trade is something that can come quickly to anyone who puts their mind to it. 

4. Music Distribution is Not Free

The last thing on the list is to recognize that music distribution in a digital age - while accessible - is not free. You won’t have to expect exorbitant or possibly cost-prohibitive pricing, but there generally is a fee especially when it comes to uploading to some of the most popular streaming services. 


Distributing music in the digital age has never been easier. With these four key facts in mind, you can successfully release your music and grow your fan base!

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