Actor Linda Grasso Segues from Australian YouTube Series with 250 Million Views to International Amazon Commercial

Actor Linda Grasso Segues from Australian YouTube Series with 250 Million Views to International Amazon Commercial

Actor Linda Grasso Segues from Australian YouTube Series with 250 Million Views to International Amazon Commercial

“In the various commercials I’ve done, directors and clients have told me they appreciate my ability to tell a story without dialog and also my unpredictability and my comedic timing aspect. For example, I made it my own in Amazon’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ holiday commercial, which caught director Wayne McClammy’s attention at the audition. Then during this shoot, as with others, it’s not so much that I’ve been able to offer any suggestions. But it’s been about me making bold non-verbal choices and then the director chooses those bold choices for the final cut of the commercial. Overall, I’ve been told that I follow directions really well, and I also create my own ideas to add to the performance and make the role better.”—Linda Grasso, actor/writer/producer

Linda Grasso did make a “bold” appearance as Juliet’s nurse in a highly anticipated commercial, which aired from US and Canada, to the UK and continental Europe, across multiple platforms, and also in different languages, like Spanish. Indeed, in this widely viewed commercial, the main song “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle It Folds” received over 22 million views, and it plays over Grasso’s “nurse” character leading the happy two families (Capulets and Montagues) in forgetting their differences and partying together.

Indeed, as a triple threat actor, writer and producer, Grasso has also appeared in numerous other high-profile commercials, including: Colonial First State Superannuation, Purina Friskies Cat Food, Ingham Chicken, Vicks Vapo Drops, Yellow Tail Wines, and Quakers Cereal Bars. Additionally, with her ability to follow directions and also play various roles, it’s not surprising that she ably displayed her comedy chops on the wildly successful Australian web series Starting From…Now, which has racked up an awesome 250 million plus views on YouTube. The series, which was adapted into a TV series in Australia, has earned numerous awards, including at LA Web Fest, HollyWeb Festival, Melbourne Web Fest, Vancouver Web Fest, Web Series Festival Global, and NYC Web Fest, among others.


Explaining more about her appearance in the Romeo and Juliet commercial, Grasso tells how she exemplified her strengths, which include her timing, her versatility and also her professionalism, saying, “I have versatility with my performance. I’m able to play the dark side of roles and play drama and thrillers, but also comedies. I’ve been told that I’m a chameleon, full of surprises!  I’ll take that as a compliment. But back to projects like the Romeo and Juliet commercial—showing up is what it’s all about. Showing up for yourself first because you really want to be there. Showing up because the award-winning director, Wayne McClammy, specifically chose me for a reason to be in this commercial.”

Enthusiastic Grasso was initially chosen to audition for the role of Lady Capulet then picked to be Juliet‘s trusted nurse, and her character turned out to be the crew’s favorite on the set: “After some initial instructions from my director, it was all about giving the impression of who is out to get whom in this family struggle, hence the solemn looks towards each other at the beginning. And to add to the comedy, Juliet’s nurse is considered as a possible culprit. But when it came to giving the role a comedic twist, he was happy for me to make it my own, and hence, his attention toward me at the end of the commercial when he saw my dance moves and expressions, haha.”

As for what this high-profile Amazon commercial lent to Grasso’s career, she admits, “It was another opportunity to perform and was a stepping stone to the next role. The nurse role demonstrates a humble, kind and nurturing yet fun character that I can play that may not have been seen before.  The nurse’s uniform, which looks similar to a nun’s habit, certainly helps show a different side to a character I can play. Maybe there’s a nun role coming up—another Sister Act movie?!”

Ambitious Grasso has previously earned plaudits for her stand-up comedy in Australia, and for her acting, writing and filmmaking. She has won awards for her stand-up comedy in Australia, and for her acting, writing and filmmaking in both Australia and the US. For example, her award-winning short films include My Two LivesWishful Thinking, and Stretching The Friendship.

Moreover, while she has worked in many areas of the entertainment industry, she confesses, “I'd like to follow in the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone and his Rocky character, and also carve my own pathway in the film industry with my Her American Road Trip movie and other projects.”

With an indefatigable spirit, Linda Grasso talks about what she brings to the table and her assets, about what she’s learned in the business from Australia to America, about her ambitions for her own production company, and about who she’d like to work with.


What Are Some Do’s and Don’ts You’ve Learned about the Business?

I really enjoyed working with director Wayne McClammy in the Amazon commercial. He made me feel seen, and acknowledged amongst a huge cast of actors. Overall, I’ve been in the acting industry for over twenty years and pride myself on being on time, and being professional on-set.  I like to be remembered for those things. Along the way, I’ve learned: always show up early or on time on-set; remember there is only one unique you and that role for you will come; be consistent and persistent; when times get tough, take a break but don’t give up; be grateful for every role, even the small ones because you never know who’s watching; and, above all, don’t freak out when things get quiet.

What Filmmakers or Performers Have Inspired You?

My favorite thing is to play wacky characters so I’ve definitely been inspired by Julia Louis-Dreyfus with her infamous character Elaine on Seinfeld. And, I think a fun favorite was Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City TV series. I really liked the naughty and unapologetic character she played. Growing up, sketch comedy was something that I loved to perform and Australian comedic actor Magda Szubanski was one of my favorites in the TV sketch comedy show Fast Forward on Australian television. She played many different quirky, unique and laughter-inducing characters. I love to make people laugh with my character choices.

Why DoYyou Do What You Do, Putting Yourself out There?

Whether I like it or not—and, yes, sometimes I don’t like it because this is such a tough industry—putting myself out there to entertain others has been a calling that has been nagging at me ever since I was a kid. I was always inspired by watching American television, and seeing TV shows like Here’s Lucy and The Carol Burnett Show planted the seed in my mind to come to the U.S. from a very young age before I even realized that’s what it was doing. To me, the only place in the world to make my dreams come true was and is to be in the US because that’s the place I felt that I belong and where I would be accepted for my unique talent.

Who Would You like to Work with or Partner with?

It’s such an inspiration to see Australian actor/producer Margot Robbie form her own company Lucky Chap Productions, here in Hollywood. She is a force to be reckoned with and someone I aspire to be like—extremely talented yet so down-to-earth and genuine. Reese Witherspoon is another female icon that has paved the way for women in film with a ton of movies and TV shows under her belt. Here’s something, I’d love to play a role in a movie with Adam Sandler as his long-lost Australian relative/sister—a movie that I’d love to pitch to him. I also think Melissa McCarthy and I would make a great comedy duo in a movie.

What’s up with Your Own Jan Of All Trades Productions Company, and also other Upcoming Productions?

I’ve been busy pitching my feature movie, Her American Road Trip, and also a second screenplay I’ve written. I’m also involved in some other awesome projects. For example, Conundrum In Reel City, with Au Jus Productions, is an original screenplay about a filmmaker, a mute criminal fixer, an ex-government agent and a dirty cop who all collide inside the chaotic criminal Los Angeles underworld in a twisted quest of deception, violence and cinematic survival.  My character is Dr. Claire, an extremely resourceful doctor, who exclusively treats the underworld community. She’s also a lifestyle dominatrix and a very knowledgeable physician. Then there’s also Desert Dwellers, a TV series with Anteros Films: In the sun-scorched sands of Joshua Tree, a motley crew of desert dwellers, united by their belief in extraterrestrial existence, navigate a landscape as vast and enigmatic as their eccentricities. My character is Adelaide Fitzpatrick, a neurotic Australian with a penchant for meticulously organizing her collection of vintage teacups and an irrational fear of birds.

And, Do You Secretly Dream of Being Honored by Your Peers?


I absolutely do dream of receiving an award as a recognition of my ability and the hard work and struggle it takes to get to that point as any successful actor would know, especially when coming from another country. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be walking the red carpet among the likes of other award-winning stars like Emma Stone, Margot Robbie, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig. I can’t wait until it's my turn to wear that Versace gown on the red carpet.

Check out Linda Grasso’s website, which includes a number of dramatic and hilarious clips, and view Amazon’s Romeo and Juliet’s themed commercial. Also, look up Grasso’s IMDb profile.

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  • Alex Morgan

    I've been a fan of Linda Grasso since her stand-up days in Australia, and it's incredible to see how far she's come. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to bring unique characters to life make her a true powerhouse in the entertainment industry.

  • Paul Lawrence

    Linda Grasso's talent truly shines in every role she takes on. Her ability to captivate audiences with her comedic timing and versatility is unparalleled. I can't wait to see what she brings to the screen next!

  • David R

    It's inspiring to see Linda Grasso fearlessly pursuing her dreams in Hollywood. From her unforgettable roles in commercials to her upcoming projects, she continues to showcase her talent and passion for storytelling. Here's to many more successes for this talented actor, writer, and producer!

  • Sarah Smith

    Linda's knack for blending comedy with drama brings such depth to her characters. I'm eagerly anticipating her future projects, especially her own production company ventures. Keep shining, Linda!

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