Ease Into Alignment

Ease Into Alignment

Savvy Raj 07/02/2018 11

The following striking words will make you think of the infinite power of living life to the fullest. These verses are dedicated to the human spirit of perseverance in spite of the odds!

A life lived well…

Is more about being well and doing good

Than about doing much

& finding no time to be you

& all that you actually are.


Resonate with your own reserves

Reach out in the knowing

That you are enough for you.

Align your posture, let go tension.

Acknowledge your needs in this moment.


Sense the potential in this now

To alter the reality of this moment.

To make a positive difference in your ways.

To pursue your passions,

To love well, to enjoy life.


You need to create a balance between

What you can do and what you are doing.

Sometimes the tilts are unavoidable

And then life takes care of itself.


But it always helps to not tilt the balance

By overdoing, over-controlling, overindulging

Overstepping and overshadowing your own self.

Aim to balance the holding back & the letting go

With discretion and discerning

Of conscious intention in awareness.


Modern maladies are mostly self inflicted

Due to excess of thought, action and deed.

With awareness, your own free will

Can be your best ally in the understanding

That freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.


And soon you will reach a level

Where you feel grounded

And yet light as a feather in flight.

Make sense of the choices you make in every now

Every now matters after all!


You have one life

Live it well

Because you can!


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  • Sam Wright

    Honestly I really needed this right now

  • Joshua L

    This is so beautiful and wise indeed, yet I don't know if I'm crying because of that or because I won't get myself to have that mindset...

  • Christina Elder

    You are so inspirational!

  • Glenn Martin

    This is so beautiful

  • Lindsay Beacon

    You just helped me save my life thank you

  • Peter Staniforth

    To anyone reading this, you are beyond beautiful. You are magical, magnificent, amazing. Your appearance does not matter. The flaws you pick out about yourself are minor elements that make you you.

  • Amanda Williams

    This poem is so peaceful and beautiful

  • Simon Elof

    This is amazing!!! Also, I'm just saying, dammnnn...

  • Charlee Thomas

    This is powerful. I think everyone in the world needs to read this.

  • Hasan Ahmed


  • Grace Hellen

    This is honestly amazing, I'm crying

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Savvy Raj

Social Expert

Savvy is a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Artist and Member International Council of Dance UNESCO Dance Educator. From individuals to the corporate sector, she has taught dancing to people of all ages. She conducts workshops in Ballroom and Latin dances integrated with mindful movements as an effective stress buster program. Savvy completed her education in the University of Mumbai.

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