Laura Jarrett's Ethnicity: Exploring Her Roots

Laura Jarrett's Ethnicity: Exploring Her Roots

Aaqil Ashraf 07/02/2024 1
Laura Jarrett Ethnicity: Exploring Her Roots

Laura Jarrett is a well-known American journalist and legal expert. She has European and African-American ancestry.

She has caught the eye of many people due to her impressive work and family's multicultural background. While her dad, William Jarrett, is African-American, her mom, Valerie Jarrett, comes from a heritage that includes African, European, and Native American ancestries. This rich mix greatly impacts who Laura Jarrett is and how she sees the world.

Digging into Laura Jarrett's ethnicity gives us a peek into her family's past and how a lively mix of cultures has shaped them. 

Laura's family has strong African-American ties, including pioneering forebears and a record of groundbreaking achievements. Laura's personal and professional life are intricately intertwined with her diverse and illustrious heritage.

Family Heritage: Ethnicity of Laura Jarrett Based on Her DNA


Laura Jarrett comes from a family where different backgrounds come together. Her dad, William Jarrett, was African-American, and her mom, Valerie Jarrett, has a rich mix of backgrounds, including Persian, French, and Jewish roots. 

A DNA test on the TV show "Finding Your Roots" revealed that Laura Jarrett's genes are 49% European, 46% African, and 5% Native American. It shows the wide-ranging and complex nature of her ethnicity. 

This mix of heritages has helped knit her family's cultural story together, showing a lively and colorful blend of European, African, and American influences.

Personal Life of Laura Jarrett

Hailing from Chicago, Laura attended Amherst College in Massachusetts. Growing up on the South Side of the city, she was immersed in a close-knit family environment. Laura's husband is Tony Balkissoon.

Laura Jarrett's background is unique and diverse. Her dad, William Jarrett, comes from African-American roots. 

At the same time, her mom, Valerie Jarrett, brings together an amazing mix of Persian, French, and Jewish heritage. A special TV show called "Finding Your Roots" shared that Laura's family tree includes 49% European, 46% African, and 5% Native American branches.  

This colorful mix of backgrounds has likely shaped who Laura is in her personal life and work. It shows how important it is to celebrate where we come from and the different cultures that come together in our families. 

Laura's varied heritage makes her story even more interesting and teaches us that it's great to look beyond simple labels and appreciate the rich mix that makes each person unique.

Professional Career of Laura Jarrett

Professional_Career_of Laura_Jarrett.jpg

Laura Jarrett's work life has been full of different experiences. She started as a lawyer in Chicago, helping defend people and businesses when government groups like the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission looked into them. 

She also gave her time to help people for free, like when she helped someone forced into trafficking. Later, Laura decided to try something new and became a journalist with CNN, reporting on politics and legal matters. 

Since 2016, Laura Jarrett has been telling stories about important legal events, especially when President Trump was in office. 

Now, Laura Jarrett is one of the hosts of a show called "Early Start" with Christine Romans. Laura's journey from law to journalism shows her talent for understanding and explaining tough legal topics, making her a trusted voice for viewers wanting to know more about the news.

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  • Michaell Hecht

    Laura is very pretty, but I thought she was white and Asian in heritage. Surprised that she has an African-American father. This would definitely give her more involvement in key journalistic pursuits.

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