Leveraging Social Media for Your Print-On-Demand Business

Leveraging Social Media for Your Print-On-Demand Business

Felix Yim 17/09/2023
Leveraging Social Media for Your Print-On-Demand Business

Social media can be one of the most powerful tools to promote your hand-crafted items or customized clothes, even on websites such as Etsy.

According to Printful | Print on demand clothes are among the most popular items sold on Etsy. All it takes is a good imagination and a good supplier.

The third requirement is knowing how to promote your products. Here is how you can leverage social media for your print-on-demand business! 

Know What Platforms to Use


There are multiple social media platforms out there where you can promote your print-on-demand products. The key to making it work is to build your online presence through one social media platform at a time. 

This way, you will learn all the ins and outs of one platform and easily expand your market strategies to the next because you can use similar tactics. What is important is to establish your target audience and use the analytics tools that social media platforms provide to further narrow down what type of people are interested in your items.

Another advantage is that your competitors are already using social media to promote their business. You can analyze their strategies to imitate and expand upon.

Create Content

Even though it's easy to make a social media profile for your print-on-demand business, creating the right type of content to promote your products is an entirely different art. What’s clear is that you can’t go wrong with creating videos because they are the most easily accessible medium for all age groups.

If you know your audience well, you can easily create engaging content—and if you don’t, you can always use the results to better your craft and understand what does and doesn’t work. You should also analyze popular hashtags and keywords that will help your business become more visible. Include them in all your posts, and you will immediately see a difference.

If you can’t seem to master the art of creating engaging content, you can always hire someone to do it for you or learn how to do it. Engaging with your followers each time they comment on your posts or through other means is also important. But don’t reduce yourself to just videos and posts. You should also use pictures and let your audience know each time you want to offer a discount or when there is a promotion. Encourage them to give you reviews or post photos of the products they ordered. This way, you will build more trust and gain potential new clients.

Befriend Influencers

3 Reasons Why Every Micro Influencer Needs a Chatbot

Influencers have a lot of sway over their followers. By using social media, you can easily find influencers left and right. What’s important is to find influencers who can promote your print-on-demand products.

You can pay them, offer them giveaways, or have them organize giveaways for their followers. This way, you promote your products more effectively than other types of ads. Through influencer marketing, you have the ability to reach new markets. Don’t hesitate to send them a message and ask about a potential partnership.

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