Live Your Best Life Now

Live Your Best Life Now

Rayson Choo 19/03/2023
Live Your Best Life Now

Having clear objects in mind can give you the necessary motivation to work harder towards your dreams.

As we all know, everyone has the power within us to rise above whatever is currently seeking to bring us down.

That’s why we need stories, inspiration, and strategies from people who have been there and done that before.

Quick question: Have you ever wondered how you can Rise Above You & Live Your Best Life Now?

In this article, our guest, Candice Goh has shared with us her personal stories and seven transformational strategies that you can use in your life. Here are some golden nuggets that I find will help you.

1) Being an Author is Like being an Entrepreneur

Back in the day, an author was simply defined as someone who writes a book and has it published by a publisher. The definition has since changed over the years. Nowadays, an author creates his or her product which is the manuscript. They have to make sure that it will be valuable to readers and then find, connect with, and engage with the possible target readers. 

According to Candice, they both harness these characteristics:

a) Passion

b) Commitment

2) The Greatest Challenge is to Find out What you are Passionate about

"I think the greatest challenge is finding what is my passion. So, I have a lot of interests but if you ask me what my passion was 7 years ago, I don't know. I went on this journey to discover myself, my passion, and how I can really give back."

It takes trying out different types of work and other pursuits. It is rare to have a passion for something we know nothing about. You have to develop some understanding, and get to know the problems and challenges of pursuit, to fall in love with it. Or, to want to work on it every day. 

Remember that discovering your passion is a process that takes time and doesn't happen all at once. Your passion may change throughout your life. That's okay.

3) Take Small Steps to Test out your Passion

Finding your passion takes some time. Don't be discouraged because it took Candice 2 years to discover her passion even with the help that she had. According to her, you could start with something. It could be your hobby. Just try and go by elimination.

As Socrates said: "Man knows thyself." He is referring to the importance of people knowing themselves before claiming (or attempting) to know anything else. To obtain this self-knowledge, make a list of your favorite activities. Developing self-awareness is a crucial step in identifying your passions.

Realizing what you enjoy doing and what you love to accomplish is crucial. However, it's equally important to assess the things you don't love. Realizing what you don’t love will give you a better understanding of the things that make you who you are.

4) The Start is Always the Hardest

As famously said by Simon Sinek: "The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you'll find the rest of the journey much easier".

Having the guts to start is always the hardest part. Starting is far more challenging than getting better. Even the anxiety is debilitating. Your passion and enthusiasm may suddenly vanish when you consider that you probably started too late and will never figure it out. But, Candice shared that you need to start and ignore your fear of failure. You have to take action then you'll experience success faster than those who wait and blame.

5) Have Mentors and Coaches to Help You

When looking to find your passion, a coach can be a valuable aid. For example, a career coach is skilled in helping clients in discovering their life and career passions. The pressure of working from the outside in can be relieved with the aid of career coaches.  Learn from their experiences and have them as your sounding board. That'll make a great difference.

6) Your Haters Will Only Make You Stronger

There are 2 types of naysayers:

a) They have your interest at heart.

They meant well. They want to warn you so that you won't fall. They want to protect you. "So, for that group who want to protect you, I feel you should spend time with them, understand where they are coming from, listen to them but explain to them your point of view. You know and get their buy-in."

b) They want to rain on your parade.

According to Candice, this group of people is jealous of you and they'll tell you that you'll fail. She shared that for this group of people, you have to avoid them because they can simply introduce drama and chaos into your peace and tranquility.

7) Have a Purpose in What You Are Doing 

Candice shared that without knowing your purpose when you are faced with obstacles and troubles, you'll tend to give up easily. Once you understand your why, your how will follow. Having a purpose will help direct your life in the right direction. Not just that, it'll help you to stay focused and make you committed and passionate about your goals.

8) Be Yourself

It is very important to live with integrity and be authentic. Candice said that if someone were to tell you that in order to be successful in this world, you need to do certain things that violate your personal values or integrity, then you won't feel happy even if you've made your million dollars. Don't put on a mask and pretend to be somebody that you are not. "We all know it's tiring to put on a mask. Like now, we have to wear a mask. Do you like it? You have to wear a mask to sleep and everything. What's more, that virtual mask to pretend to be somebody else you are not. It's very important. What you say and what you do have to be in sync. With integrity and by being authentic, that's how you can gain respect and establish your reputation because whatever you want to start right, reputation is very key. Without a good reputation, success could be very far from you or your success could be short-lived".

9) Focus on Serving Others As Well

"When your focus is not on your own selfish game but on how your products and services can benefit others. Focus on serving others and that will bring in your million dollars."

Avoid focusing on yourself or what you want from other people. Instead, shift your focus towards helping others, and making an impact on those who already appreciate you. That will increase the number of people who value you. You'll make their lives magical, and success and admiration will come later.

Remember the #1 Regret: Many have wished to have the courage to pursue the life that they want. Not the life others have expected of them.

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