The Evolution of the Workplace

The Evolution of the Workplace

Muqbil Ahmar 28/09/2017 3

Work is no more a place that you go to, it is an activity that can be done from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.



Due to the digital transformation and advent of powerful technology and devices, office spaces are witnessing a radical change. A physical workstation is not needed anymore. Moreover, employees of today want to be able to move around and use stuff that they like.



According to a recent BBC study, more than half of the employees globally are not satisfied with the tools at their disposal leading to a high attrition rate.




As many as 60 percent of employees are not satisfied with the tools at their disposal. Employees want workplace flexibility, to be able to work from home or office or even when on vacation.





They also need modern innovation. For example, an industrial designer would want AR/VR capabilities, 3-D printing, on their PCs and laptops. It is important to state that the best companies provide the best technology to employees



That is why the best companies of the world attract the best people by providing them the best tools to work with. Keeping this in view, modern technology firms are evolving to enable digital transformation of the workplace and workforce. This is a major refrain of most CEOs and HR personnel. The present day workforce needs the smartest and most powerful devices to fulfill their needs.





In fact, employers and organisations with a technologically driven and futuristic approach are realising how much a workplace environment affects employees’ performance. No wonder, slowly moving towards this vision, office spaces have started diminishing the stereotypical image of their cubical spaces with lackadaisical décor that is meant just to drive work.



Poor Information Technology devices leads to low productivity. In fact, poor Information Technology and lack of access to modern devices is one of the key factors contributing to poor productivity, says a study. No wonder, the best companies of the world attract the best talent by providing them the best tools to work with.




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  • Sam Raltin

    Millennials should stop complaining about the workplace and get used to their companies' rules. If you want more flexibility, bust your ass and you will get there !!!!!!!

  • Alex Krasnic

    This explains why tech companies have an edge on other firms ;)

  • Nate O'Brien

    I know it's 2017 and all, but jeans are not usually allowed in the workplace. I am tired of wearing a suit :(

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