Video Conferencing Your Way To Success Featuring Billionaire's Favourite Magician

Video Conferencing Your Way To Success Featuring Billionaire's Favourite Magician

Rayson Choo 23/01/2023
Video Conferencing Your Way To Success Featuring Billionaire's Favourite Magician

We all have different passions. Perhaps it's cooking gourmet meals in the kitchen, playing saxophone, or performing magic.

Whatever it is, we can get pleasantly lost in that activity for hours. What if you can channel that passion into a business, do what you love, and make money at the same time? It’s the ultimate win-win.

Especially during a time when many of us are staying at home due to the pandemic. It’s a unique opportunity to consider how our passions can become a business opportunity. In today's issue, we are going to dive deep into how you can turn your passion into profit with the use of web conferencing.

Quick question: Have you ever wondered how you can take your skill from offline to online can help amplify your reach and bring better opportunities? If you have, then this article is for you.

In this article, Billionaire's Favourite Magician and I sat down to discuss these 3 key topics:

1) How web conferencing can help with your business

2) How to reach out to thought leaders and influencers

3) How to gain massive media features

Here are some value bombs which I believe can help you with your business:

1) Set Bigger Goals

Setting goals is the 1st step in turning the invisible into the visible. A goal without a plan is just a wish. If what you are doing is not moving you toward your goals then it's moving you away from your goals. When you can't achieve a certain goal of yours, normally, what would you do? Would you start to blame others or even blame yourself? Or would you give up and start with Plan B? Well, if Daniel were you, he wouldn't do any of that.

Instead, he will set bigger goals and knock out something else first. He shared that some things are meant to be or not meant to be at that point in time. Therefore, even if you can't reach your goal yet, don't give up because the best is yet to come. 

2) Surround Yourself With Encouraging People

When you start to surround yourself with people who say "Hey, you can do it" as opposed to people who don't want to share information, you'll realize that it's easier for you to reach your goal.

But don't forget, if you surround yourself with people who are always negative about life, they'll be like a bug, bugging you to not succeed. They'll leech onto you and prevent you from succeeding. They will be the ones that tell you that these ideas don't work because deep down in them, they already know they can't do it or do not dare to give it a try because they do not have any prior knowledge or they are just plain lazy.

According to Daniel, there are people who are willing to share information and pay the price. He reiterated that when you surround yourself with these people, they'll be giving you inspiration. Remember, they are the ones who truly believe in you. So, go out there and search for them. Once you've found them, learn from them.

3) Ask More Questions Before Quoting A Rate

"You can always lower your rates but you can't raise them after you've quoted them". Daniel suggested that everyone grab the low-hanging fruit in the beginning. Then, focus on the quality rather than the quantity. That will allow you to have a bigger output and result.

4) Invest In Yourself

"Buy as many books that you are interested in. You can't short-change yourself by not investing in yourself. But, the most important thing is to find people that have already done similar things that you want to accomplish.

There are a lot of guys who can give you advice, but there are so many fakers. There are so many of them that will tell you what to do, but they are not even earning as much as what you are doing". Daniel added that you have to find people who are well ahead of you in that journey and listen to those people instead. Don't listen to people who are not doing what you want to do. 

Remember: Working on yourself is the best investment. Not bitcoin, the stock market, etc. Those will come later when you are more well-equipped and have the right people around you to guide you.

5) Learn From Successful People

According to Daniel, successful people have a lot of things in common such as their books. So, if you want to have their success, you have to get some of their input and some of the things that they are learning.

Speaking about books, Daniel has 2 books that he would like to recommend to you:

i) Principles by Ray Dalio

ii) Start With Why by Simon Sinek

6) Cross-Pollination Is The Secret To Innovation

In business, cross-pollination is when different departments or individuals are thrown into the same blend. The end result can be an exciting mixture of fresh ideas, and a shift in thought patterns and can also build a lasting bond between departments. An example will be when Nike collaborates with Apple to create fitness trackers.

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