10 Examples of VR & AR is Being Used for Location Based Entertainment & Trade Shows

10 Examples of VR & AR is Being Used for Location Based Entertainment & Trade Shows

Roni Cerga 04/08/2021
10 Examples of VR & AR is Being Used for Location Based Entertainment & Trade Shows

Virtual reality isn’t a new technology by any means, and most people think that they have a pretty good idea of what VR can do when put into a practical situation – but there’s still a lot of room for practical innovation in the field, especially when it comes to incorporating virtual reality into location-based entertainment and trade shows to impress the crowd.

VR is innovative and exciting, and a great way to capture attention. This is what makes it perfect to impress at the next trade show.

Here are 10 great examples of VR in practical use today. 

1. Virtual Reality Games

People love games and the idea of instant interactivity – and once a crowd has gathered to check out other players, it quickly changes to an even bigger crowd, and your client base is instantly hooked to your idea and inspired to stay at your exhibition for longer. Showing the game-in-progress through a large screen can also help to bring in the crowd.

Games are a great way to invite interactivity, and this is even better if the game you’re showcasing can be related to your product in some way – but it still works even if the game isn’t designed specifically for you.

2. Live Interviews

The social aspects of virtual reality can’t be underestimated, and live interviews as well as conference calls can be set up with the help of virtual reality for demonstration purposes. It even makes the possibility of a “meet-and-greet” with a celebrity host or famous guest a lot easier for both sides – and it allows for virtual-reality aided interaction that you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere else.

The idea of a virtual reality meet-up is often easier to set up than a physical meeting – and a lot cheaper – and offers an impressive level of virtual interaction that’s much easier to manage.

3. Adrenaline Demonstrations 

Sometimes people want more than just your average virtual reality experience, and for these types of people, VR can still be used to create an experience that’s high on the interactivity scale – and a massive adrenaline rush. One of the top benefits of virtual reality is the fact that it can put people in situations they would never have been able to experience outside of this context – and this gives you a lot of potential for demonstrations where people want to be thrilled.

4. Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can be great for inviting interactivity, and virtual reality can make your chosen crowd feel like they’re immersed right in the middle of the environment. Done with the help of VR, you can imagine your virtual tour to be something like Google Earth or Street View, but instead with your chosen location or setting as the scene; it can be anywhere and anything, and it’s even better if you can relate the virtual tour to your product or service – for example, by giving viewers a tour of your manufacturing environment. 

5. Product Demonstrations

If you have a specific product that you’d like to have at your show, virtual reality gives you an excellent way to blend interaction with your product in a way that impresses from the start. Virtual reality is already something new and exciting to most, and blended with your product, this can help to make people feel a lot more excited about what you’re selling – and a virtual environment allows you to showcase what it can really do.

6. Virtual Travel

Virtual travel is turning into a larger and larger industry, and taking a participant to a new virtual location can be a great way to get them to stick around for a little bit longer; the possibilities for virtual travel are incredible, and you can take viewers to anywhere in the world – even to the inside of a factory a few thousand miles away – in the blink of an eye. Virtual travel can even be blended with other techniques, like VR games, to create a more immersive experience.

7. Immersive Charity

Charity opportunities are too often missed when it comes to trade shows. With companies needing to put more focus on their corporate responsibility, immersive charity can be an excellent way to involve viewers in someone else’s world – and just how you involve your viewer in this world is up to you, depending on the type of environment that you need to showcase to make an impact. You can take the viewer anywhere in the world, and this has a lot of potential – especially for grabbing the right kind of attention during a trade show.

8. The Unique Experience

Want to give people an even more unique experience? You can set up a virtual reality booth that lets people sit down in serious luxury with the full virtual-reality experience – and you can combine this unique “booth” experience with any of the other VR methods on this list and it should work each time. This gives people a more personal feel when they end up at your part of the trade show, and it can help to hook people towards being interested in your product.

9. The Big Touch Screen

People like flashiness, and people love interactivity: A successful booth at a trade show looks at combining these elements in order to hook customers and get them interested in your product. Immersive reality allows you to play around with the level of user interactivity – and you can easily set up a huge touch screen that allows people to be even more interactive when it comes to your product. While it doesn’t seem like it can make as much of a difference, you’d be surprised at just how much of a difference it can make in getting people to stick around.

10. More VR Interaction

Virtual reality can be used to great effect when pushing the interactive aspects of your product at a trade show, and you can use any number of combinations of the other nine items on this list to achieve the effect you need. For more VR interaction, you can create an entire platform where users can participate in situations that showcase what your product can do – whether you’re using a big touch screen or a few sets of VR goggles to achieve this goal.

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