10 Reasons For Choosing Angular

10 Reasons For Choosing Angular

Daniel Hall 22/11/2021
10 Reasons For Choosing Angular

It's hard to imagine doing one-page application development without Angular.js.

Let's try together to figure out its main advantages. Today we will present comprehensive reasons why AngularJS should be chosen. We also recommend reading the information here: https://fireart.studio/hire-angular-developers/.


1. Large Community

Angular.js has a wide range of communities. It includes not only members of a stable team, but also everyone who wants to contribute to the process of creating a framework. It possesses an open source encoding. Meetings are regularly held here, conversations are held at hackathons, as well as discussions in the format of thematic IT communities. There are a large number of book versions and online portals for Angular.js aimed at developers. Choosing Angular.js gives you the prospect of finding development professionals who can support your enterprise.

2. Declarative Coding Style

The declarative paradigm is used when creating templates in Angular.js. It makes the code extremely lightweight and simplifies the process of reading and maintaining. The final outcome should be described, not the steps taken to achieve the result.

3. Application of Directives

In the context of the templating language, Angular.js uses HTML. It aims to be enhanced by directives added to the encoding of the requested action information. The directives focus on logical thinking, allowing you to work as productively as possible. Reuse increases the readability of the encoding.

4. High Level of Development Speed

Provided the proper approach, you can develop large-scale applications through Angular.js.

5. MVC Out of the Box

AngularJS uses the MVC schematic notation. This creates single page web applications. Angular.js has a $ http service that provides communication at the remote HTTP server level. A JavaScript object in the process of being passed directly to the server base. In automatic mode, it is converted to a JSON string. The service tries to convert the provided JSON string to JavaScript when it receives a response.

6. Features of Useful Action Designed for SPA

Angular.js focused on web applications is a must. It is impossible to admit their existence separately.

7. Modularity

Within Angular.js, there is the prospect of organizing an application consisting of individually taken modular programs. These modules are mutually dependent, but they can also be independent.


8. There are Ready-Made Solutions

In the context of Angular.js, there are a large number of prepared solutions that allow you to make decisions, solve various problems when using ready-made modules.

9. Data to be Linked Bilaterally

Within Angular.js, there is a two-way orientation communication process. The framework independently monitors events occurring in the browser, modifications of models and the activity of a subscriber who has visited a specific page. This is needed to update templates immediately.

10. Ease Testing

The app share is located inside the Angular.js module itself, so it is very easy to manipulate them. Such a breakdown by modules ensures that only the necessary services are loaded, while testing is efficiently performed in automatic mode.

But AngularJS has some cons:

  1.     Difficulty in mastering. As a rule, they appear from those who have previously used the jQuery library. The difference from Angular.js is in doing actions on the DOM tree.
  2.     When using more than 2000 watchers, work slows down.
  3.     There is no backward compatibility with the second version. Of course, you can start preparing your own code and migrations just immediately. But there is no guarantee that everything will pass without complications.

Overall, Angular.js is a great, feature-rich framework. You can learn more about Angular development on our website.

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