3 Tips for Sharing Photos Online

3 Tips for Sharing Photos Online

Daniel Hall 07/07/2022
3 Tips for Sharing Photos Online

On average, Americans take over 20 photos a day. While many are just repeats or blurry pictures, others are worthy of a social media share.

But before you start attaching images and posting, don't hop to it yet. There are ways you can improve engagement and visibility so your beautiful pictures reach a larger audience. That way, it'll be worth your time and you can show off your photos to the max!

Keep reading for 3 tips to make sharing photos online easy and effective.


1. Edit Photos First

Let's say you caught a picture of your baby or pet in motion, and they've got the most adorable expression on their face! But the photo is either excessively dark or washed out, or there's a ton of junk in the background.

While you might have a good picture right now, you can make it excellent by doing some image editing first. Using photo editing software, adjust the brightness and contrast so your picture's well-lit. And use a background remover if there are distracting things floating about.

By brushing up your images, you'll make them much more appealing!

2. Use the Right Hashtags

If you're posting on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, then you'll have the benefit of using hashtags. These are basically keywords you want people to find your images by. So for example, if you've taken a picture of your dog, a hashtag you might use is "#puppy" or "#dog".

The more hashtags you use, the higher the chances that people will see your photos. However, you want to take care in using only relevant hashtags and not overusing them. Otherwise, you might attract the wrong audience and put them off.

If you're at a loss as to what hashtags to put, take a look at what other people are using. It can be helpful to piggyback on those already successful hashtags!

3. Share Responsibly

Once you put something online, it's very hard to get it erased from the internet. This means you need to be careful about who you share your images with!

Make sure that any images that might have your personal details are only shared with your personal list and not publicly. If you're posting pictures of your kids, it's best if you limit that audience even more to just your closest social circle (the best-case scenario is only your family). You never know how widespread your children's photos can become, and unfortunately, there are some shady characters out there.

Have Fun Sharing Photos

Sharing photos is a great way to show everyone what you're up to and some of your artistic skills.

By using our tips on editing photos and more, you'll be able to share priceless images and reach a huge audience. Plus, you'll keep your personal information and family safe. As a result, you'll be satisfied knowing you've touched so many people through the power of the internet, all without compromising on sensitive data.

Check out the rest of our blog page if you want to learn more about editing images online.

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