Striving For Better Engagement !

Striving For Better Engagement !

Striving For Better Engagement !

If your proposition is not getting traction with investors or other supporters, it may be time to step back and do some critical thinking.

This article gives a set of simple steps to consider as you search for insight and better engagement.

The premise to interesting an investor or other supporter is the need for the proposition to deliver sufficient benefit to be commercial when judged against the likely costs. It is easy to become blinkered to a single way of looking at the issue, and a fresh view may well help.

This simple tool looks at how a benefit arises and considers if the proposition is strong enough and communicated well enough.


This graphic helps consider the source of benefit – ie the (green) intersection between the opportunity being addressed, the capability being built and the eventual utilisation of that capability.

The diagram provides the critical framework

1) Is the opportunity substantial enough and well enough understood? Can you communicate it clearly?

2) What is the capability you are building/planning to build? Is it credible? Can you articulate it well enough?

3) How well does the capability address the opportunity? Capability that does not address the opportunity will not deliver benefit to the proposition. Is it sufficient?

4) How well will the capability be utilised? Included in this are questions like how easy is it to use, what resistance will it meet, will enough people use it, etc ??

5) Finally how much of the capability that will be used addresses the opportunity – this is where and how the proposition delivers benefit.

I think the process should follow that sequence, but may well be iterative ie insight from a particular step may prompt a rethink of previous perceptions.

Ideally, two things will result:

A) As the founder, you can clearly articulate the opportunity, capability, utilisation, and resultant benefit.

B) The overlaps are maximised so that the “green” segment is as big as possible


You may need help to look objectively at the questions. This could be a friend, mentor or just an independent party. Either way, I believe that undertaking the exercise can only help strengthen your proposition by providing insight and clarity.

Personally, I enjoy interesting conversation and happy to help if I can. 

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Ian J Sutherland 

Business Change Expert

Ian J Sutherland is a highly skilled director with expertise in governance, partnerships and regulation and almost four decades of experience serving as a powerful catalyst for change for organisations of all sizes and sectors. He thrives on identifying areas for innovation and improvement, forming effective strategies to drive efficiency and create bottom-line results. He has a proven capacity to serve as a bridge between organisations and functions, creating unity and operational coherence. A personable and creative leader, with a unique insight and the ability to see the big picture and provide constructive challenge, he writes on many matters including the delivery of change in today's world and is an opportunistic photographer who seeks to capture images that interest him. He enjoys good beer, good company and good music - not necessarily in that order.

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