4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Virtual Dealership in the Metaverse

4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Virtual Dealership in the Metaverse

Naveen Joshi 28/12/2022
4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Virtual Dealership in the Metaverse

Being a car dealer requires enhanced selling skills.

Your business needs to be positioned to cater to the target audience and attract potential buyers. Integrating your virtual dealership with the metaverse can be a much-needed force in driving sales.

Car dealerships have come a long way from just being a brick and mortar shop. With the world going digital, relying on just a physical presence is not enough. Automakers are seeing the benefits of going digital.

With the pandemic hitting the economy hard and shutting down physical car dealerships, buyers went online. This opened up a world of new opportunities for carmakers. Buying a car online helped to streamline the process. Before COVID-19, only 2% of automobiles were purchased online, which rose to 30% after the pandemic. Virtual dealerships can bank on this and create a bigger market.

Benefits of Virtual Dealership

To increase satisfaction and numbers for online car shopping, automakers can leverage the metaverse. It provides the users with numerous possibilities detailed below.


1. Unmatched Reach

In a physical dealership showroom, there are geographical and time restrictions to how and when a customer can visit the dealership. Creating a virtual dealership in the metaverse will allow clients to visit the showroom anytime and from anywhere around the world.

2. Unlimited SKUs

In a physical car dealership, only the top-selling or luxurious cars are displayed. They don’t have the required space to showcase all the different models and therefore keep a brochure or magazine to provide more options. However, a virtual dealership can showcase all of its models.

3. Unparalleled Information

Whenever potential customer wants to know more about a car before purchasing, they go through several websites, and videos and visit the physical dealership back and forth to understand more about it. A lot of time can be saved for both the customer and the salesperson by creating a virtual dealership that allows the customer to scrutinize the car from any angle through a 3D configurator and virtual test drives. One such company leveraging it is BMW and its iVisualiser. It allows users to interact with a full-sized model and tap into their tinier features like activating the radio, light, turn signals, etc.

4. Unrestricted Customization

A virtual dealership in the metaverse allows users to customize their cars however they like. They can add layers to their vehicle through a configurator and not be limited to just changing seat coverings and paint.
Automakers are able to provide customization, universal access, test drive and more through virtual dealerships in the metaverse. Even though a virtual test drive isn’t enough to convince a buyer searching for a car, it can provide them with the needed information and nudge them to go and visit the dealership for an in-person drive if they enjoy the virtual one. Metaverse is becoming widespread because a lot of industries are seeing its benefits. Metaverse is enabling people to break through the barriers posed by the physical world and Automakers need to leverage Metaverse to stay ahead of their competition.

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