A Simple Guide to Pick the Right Laptop for Video Games

A Simple Guide to Pick the Right Laptop for Video Games

Daniel Hall 12/03/2021 3
A Simple Guide to Pick the Right Laptop for Video Games

For supreme and mainstay PC gamers, the desktop still reigns supreme, but with the inevitability of movement, sometimes gamers need something more portable.

And in this regard, a gaming laptop comes in handy with its power to play games on a device you can take with you wherever you go.


But buying a gaming laptop isn't just about looking at the specs and cashing out. You will be looking at the entire computer, complete with a built-in keyboard, GPU/CPU system, and most importantly, the display. A proper look at what you need will ensure the worth of every penny, and that you get the best laptop for your gaming budget and gaming needs. That said, herein is a simple guide to help you pick the right laptop for video games. 

Important Specs to Look Out for in 2021

Putting together your ideal gaming laptop is not an easy task. But we are looking to control the chaos with these simple tips to bear in mind: 

  • Pick the resolution and speed – the fastest displays that can go up to 360Hz and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 would be the ideal choice. therefore, ditch the 4K screens as they are slower.
  • Get a good keyboard – a good gaming keyboard shouldn’t be stiff or mushy.
  • Get a good GPU – most video games are still dependent on GPUs. And a good GPU can last for several years.
  • Consider the potential of future upgrades – most gaming laptops allow ram and storage upgrades.

That said, let’s get into the details of the specifications, prices, and where to buy video gaming laptops.

Which GPUs Should You Look For In Gaming Laptops?

Some video games still use the CPU, but the majority are GPU-bound. That makes this one of the main decisions you will have to make when buying a gaming notebook. And whatever your pick is, chances are your laptop will come with the RTX or the Nvidia GeForce GTX GPUs. But those who are used to playing video games at high settings should consider buying laptops for gaming that come with the latest graphics cards on the Nvidia series with the newest RTX-30. And whereas that might depend on your budget, the performance of the existing AMD discrete GPUs is continually being upgraded.

Either way, the RTX-30 series, at an investment of between $800 to $900, is a current-generation gaming laptop that would meet your gaming needs, regardless of whether you are at the entry-level gaming, mainstream gaming, or a highest settings gaming.

Which CPU is Great for My Gaming Laptop?

Based on your budgetary provision, you can afford a powerful gaming laptop with a Core i7. But you go up a notch and clock out an Intel Core i9-9980HK. If those two aren't what you are looking for, then you can still get gaming laptops with desktop CPUs. Although most games are dependent on the quality of your GPU, which means that with an Intel i5, you can still enjoy your gaming experience.

What is the Ideal RAM for a Gaming Laptop?

Even the average productivity tasks you carry out daily on a laptop require at least a RAM of 8GB to function seamlessly. But for a gaming PC, the recommended RAM is 16GB. For starters, nonetheless, you can pick a PC with GTX 1650 or 1660 at 8GB but the upgrade as you go higher to a GTX 2060 and more.

How About Storage?

Whether it is a hard drive or an SSD, all can work independently, but why not use both? The common base gaming PCs come with a hard drive that’s usually 1TB. But a top-notch gaming PC should have an SSD that serves as an alternative boot drive. And like memory, storage can be upgradable too. Therefore, if the need for more space arises in the future, then you can toss in a 2 TB or more.

What to Look For in the Display Specs?

  • Size – the best display size should be a 15 to 17-inch screen.
  • Resolution – for the gaming graphics that are so profound, do not pick anything less than 1920 x 1080.
  • Avoid touch screens – that’s not to say they are bad, but they are simply unnecessary for gaming PCs.

What to Look For in the Keyboard?

The best gaming keyboard should have: 

  • LED backlighting feature.
  • Key travel.
  • Macro keys.
  • Actuation force of 65 to 70 grams.
  • Anti-ghosting feature.

Where to Buy Gaming Laptops?

Do not overlook the need to identify the best place to buy a gaming laptop because most retailers wouldn’t hesitate to charge you more for a gaming laptop. Nevertheless, Best Buy and Amazon are great choices as they have strict buyer protection policies.

Gaming Laptop

The best gaming laptop should offer premium features that can last for years. Whether it is the latest GPU Nvidia cards or the CPU and the upgradable storage, gamers need to get the best for whatever budget they have.

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