Advanced Movement Techniques for Modern Warfare 3 Players

Advanced Movement Techniques for Modern Warfare 3 Players

Daniel Hall 23/04/2024
Advanced Movement Techniques for Modern Warfare 3 Players

In the fast-paced world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, mastering advanced movement techniques can give you a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, understanding and implementing these strategies can elevate your gameplay and outmaneuver your opponents. This comprehensive guide will delve into various advanced movement techniques that can help you navigate the maps more effectively, engage in combat more efficiently, and ultimately improve your overall performance in Modern Warfare 3.


1. Strafe Jumping

Strafe jumping is a technique that combines sprinting, jumping, and strafing (moving sideways) to cover more distance and make yourself a harder target to hit. To execute a strafe jump:

  • Start by sprinting forward.

  • Jump while simultaneously moving to the left or right.

  • While in the air, continue to strafe in the same direction and aim your crosshair slightly towards the direction of the jump.

By mastering strafe jumping, you can move more unpredictably, making it difficult for enemies to land their shots.

2. Drop Shotting

Drop shooting is a tactic where you go prone (lie down) while shooting during an engagement. This unexpected move can throw off your opponent's aim and give you a better chance of winning the gunfight. To perform a drop shot:

  • Start shooting at your opponent while standing or crouching.

  • Quickly press the button to go prone without stopping your fire.

  • Continue aiming and shooting at your target while on the ground.

Practicing drop shooting can make you a more formidable opponent in close-quarters combat.

3. Bunny Hopping

Bunny hopping is a movement technique where you repeatedly jump in quick succession to make yourself a more challenging target. To bunny hop effectively:

  • Start sprinting forward.

  • Jump as soon as you hit the ground after your previous jump.

  • Use your movement keys or analog stick to change the direction slightly with each jump.

Bunny hopping can be particularly useful for crossing open areas where you're exposed to enemy fire.

4. Tactical Sprinting

Tactical sprinting is a feature in Modern Warfare 3 that allows you to sprint at a faster pace for a short duration. To use tactical sprinting:

  • Double-tap the sprint button to initiate a tactical sprint.

  • Use this burst of speed to quickly reposition or escape from dangerous situations.

  • Keep in mind that tactical sprinting has a cooldown, so use it wisely.

For those looking to enhance their gameplay even further, exploring mw3 hacks from Battlelog can provide additional advantages, such as improved aim and enhanced awareness. Always ensure to use such tools responsibly and ethically to maintain fair play and enjoy the game to its fullest.

5. Slide Canceling

Slide canceling is a technique that combines sliding and sprinting to maintain high mobility. To perform a slide cancel:

  • Start sprinting.

  • Press the crouch button to initiate a slide.

  • Quickly press the sprint button again to cancel the slide and return to a sprint.

Slide canceling can help you move around the map quickly while making it harder for enemies to track your movements.

6. Jump Shooting

Jump shooting is a tactic where you jump while shooting in a gunfight. This movement can make you a more unpredictable target and increase your chances of winning the engagement. To execute a jump shot:

  • Start shooting at your opponent.

  • Jump while continuing to aim and shoot.

  • Land and immediately reposition if necessary.

Incorporating jump shots into your combat routine can give you an edge in firefights.

7. Wall Bouncing

Wall bouncing is a maneuver that leverages walls to swiftly change direction and evade enemy fire. To execute a wall bounce:

  • Sprint towards a wall or vertical surface.

  • Jump and simultaneously press the directional key or stick towards the wall.

  • Upon making contact with the wall, push off in the opposite direction to bounce away.

  • Use wall bouncing to navigate tight spaces and throw off opponents' aim during engagements.

By mastering wall bouncing, you can enhance your mobility and unpredictability on the battlefield, making you a more formidable adversary in Modern Warfare 3.



Mastering advanced movement techniques in Modern Warfare 3 can significantly enhance your gameplay and give you an advantage over your opponents. By practicing and incorporating techniques like strafe jumping, drop shooting, bunny hopping, tactical sprinting, slide canceling, and jump shooting, you can improve your mobility, unpredictability, and overall combat effectiveness. 

Remember, the key to success in Modern Warfare 3 is not just about shooting accurately but also moving strategically. So, get out there, practice these advanced movements, and dominate the battlefield!

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