AI: Artificial Intelligence or Alternative Intelligence?

AI: Artificial Intelligence or Alternative Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is today’s buzzword that has been buzzing around more frequently with higher and ever-increasing intensity every passing day. Reason is as clear as a crystal: Its power and possibilities it can create.


A Gartner prediction goes on to say that AI bots will power 85% customer service interactions by 2020 and will drive up to USD 33 trillion of annual economic growth.

A report by BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review suggests that about 75% of global executives believe that AI will enable their companies to move into new businesses. Almost 85% believe that AI will allow them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. Among global leaders, the report further adds that 75% have identified the business cases for AI.

Per a market research firm called Tractica, the annual global revenue for AI products and services will grow from USD 643.7 million in 2016 to USD 36.8 billion by 2025, a 57-fold increase!

AI is nothing but the science of embedding cognitive abilities into machines. Simply said, it is to allow machines to undergo myriad numbers of experiences (Model training, its technical phrase) so that it would decide what works in what scenarios. This is not about coding into the system but allowing, rather enabling the system to code for itself. All you have to do is to be an informed facilitator; yes, here ‘informed’ will have a dark underline.

I am yet to decide whether to subscribe to the Elon Musk school of thought — which I know would force me to imagine a wicked grin from a robot — or to trust the sanity of the average human being picking up this closed book of AI which has barely opened. It doesn’t really matter who thinks of AI highly or lowly but one thing is certain: Its time has come. Before you buy time in realizing and delay in deciding of its adoption, it may come and stare straight in your face! You may not even have the bargaining power that you still enjoy today. Let me share with you some thought nuggets to chew over its probable potential:

Google’s Pixel Buds are the ear buds that can translate spoken language in real time. You wear the buds and someone in an unknown language when talks to you, the buds will translate it in your ears. During your talking turn, hold the right ear bud and talk in your language, and your Pixel phone speaker will give the translation for the other.

Computer vision - Facebook built an AI called Lumos to understand and categorize videos. The team at YouTube too is busy making sense of the video content — whether it’s dancing, walking, or standing; whether professionals or amateurs are dancing etc.

The future would be in designing things such as making robots learn how to immaculately pour cereal into a bowl learning itself from the videos of people doing it.

If you like a trendy bag from a stranger, all you can do is take a picture and upload on a site, and AI at Alibaba would give you the bags available to shop that best resemble the photo.

Be it a planning your next vacation to picking up the dress for the occasion to choosing a stock suitable to your risk appetite, AI bots will soon be at your disposal.

AI in its early ideation stage had assumed the title of Artificial Intelligence but with the dawn of 21st century it started seeing the sunrise with the hope of scaling up data and computing power. While multiple people have expanded the term to make their points, I too am taking liberty in stretching AI to drive my message home. To me AI is in a true sense an Alternative Intelligence to Human Intelligence. It has quickly picked up as an Applied Intelligence and rapidly progressing in top gear to be the All-empowering Intelligence.

Perfectly put by Andrew Ng, AI is the new electricity. Just like electricity took on a mammoth task to transform the globe about a century back, the baton of mass transformation was then given to the internet and is now shared with the AI which is currently spearheading the cause.

As Victor Hugo famously said, “An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come,” AI is not a guest for the first half of the 21st century; it is the proud and prepping host for the second half of it.

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  • David Mays

    We need anti robot weapons just in case

  • Vincent Mattson

    As a technology enthusiast, I love AI. I am learning programming and I will be dedicating a lot of my time learning this type of technology

  • Luis Palma

    AI will not be stopped. Every company will want AI. It's normal, these machines will surpass us !

  • Justin329

    Artificial Intelligence will make humans obsolete one of these days. I am calling it. Humans are too arrogant and egotistical for their own goods. We'll be the creator of our own destruction. Maybe we should merge with them.

  • Frank Delon

    Amazing read :)

  • Guillaume Bourgault

    To all AI haters, AI can serve a good purpose but to replace human jobs is ridiculous.... the whole economy will crash....unless the unemployed can find legitimate work

  • Lee Yung Shun

    Technology develops super fast, just about 3 decades ago we used type writers, and if you said to someone a few decades ago that one day wireless phones would be possible, people would have laughed at you, they would think you're crazy, and just a few years from now we will have intelligent machines. This world is so fascinating :)

  • Hocine Zahraoui

    good read

  • John502

    Although a Terminator scenario won't happen anytime soon, AI may be a disaster just due to the humans no longer having a job ....... And it has already started.............

  • Aditya Rao

    Once we have embraced this new technology, the human race minds could be in danger

  • Carol

    Amazing. Thanks for writing this awesome post ! It really makes sense now !

  • Donny Kiles

    This is absolutely frightening.

  • Alex joaquin

    Maybe we will develop microchips in our bodies to keep up with AI :(

  • SmallTownPizzaLawyer

    I have been studying about the history and processes behind the past and recent advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) versus IA (Intelligence Augmentation), and I have observed that more tend to work towards IA due to speed of implementation. Since the earliest times of this area of applied science, the debate has mostly leaned in favor of people.

    The technology has existed for decades to make machines capable of much more complex and diverse utilization; however, the developers lacked the funding due to more wishing to contribute to IA. The remaining steps to completing the AI systems many envisioned requires more tools to identify and categorize aspects of its surroundings and itself.

    One challenge will still remain though; unless created with intrinsic goals, they will have potential, but with no purpose to direct them. If developers choose to create intrinsic goals to drive purposes for these systems, great care will have to be devoutly exercised. We have seen what happens to people we treat poorly, so imagine something that can surpass one's physical and mental abilities with warped goals and ideals.

    Please show compassion with one another as able, these will be learning from our examples.

  • Marie Ferrer

    Wonderful information!!!

  • Deepak Sinha

    Well articulated!!!

  • Mostafiz Ahmed

    Very useful and thanks for explaining in simple terms

  • Jumail Mashkat

    Great. I got cleared after reading this article

  • Melissa

    This is an excellent overview article on AI, highly recommend !

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