Pratik Ravani Tech Expert

Pratik works as a Data Scientist at Synechron. Involved in various innovative projects and concepts, he applies a range of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to create and deliver business value. He previously was an admired Consulting Staff Principal at Oracle. His creative write-ups have awarded him many prizes over the years from Television 18 Broadcast Ltd. Pratik holds an MBA in Finance with Information Technology from IBS Bangalore.


Design Thinking for a seamless Data Science practice

Every data-servicing organization has now made peace with the fact that being able to manage its data well along with enabling its clients to manage their data well is a sure-fire path to gain a competitive advantage. So how do many data-talking organizations differ from those few data-driven ones? Why can’t they make a decisive cut?


Analytics as a Service (AaaS) - The Preferred Mode of Data Analytics

The term in the title is a recent entry to the list of something-as-a-service family (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). It is a web-based analytics service being offered by a specialist vendor who does it well, offers the economical, scalable, and flexible custom options to let the data-leaning organizations try in either a full-blown manner or a phased one depending on their need.


An Indispensable Need for Data and Analytics Leadership (DAL)

For a typical organization, following are statements that must have been a part of almost every employee’s career journey:


Data Scientists to Defraud Fraudsters

Confronting frauds and fraudsters is unarguably one of the most important and urgent strategic challenges every organization faces today. Fraud is no longer an occasional outlier arising from the incidental mistake from a compliance standpoint. It has taken a centre stage as it had begun to strike from multiple channels and routes thanks to technological advancements enabling ease of access.


Artificial Intelligence gives Assurance to Insurance

When technologies are shaking hands with one another, why can’t organizations from various verticals, especially when the question of survival looms over their heads? In these exciting times of automation outburst many old players are feeling the generous heat from the young disruptors. Seasoned insurers who used to bet highly on their in-house experts and primitive processes have begun to take notice; and notice seriously. They are now willing to partner with these potential collaborators who successfully bridge the gap amongst technologies, insurance processes, and Gen-Z demands.