Are you Ready for a Digital Revolution?

Are you Ready for a Digital Revolution?

Issac Thomas 19/01/2018 12

Technology is the greatest asset for a business today- It's a plain and simple fact. Globalization and the limitless powers of the internet have changed the demographics of business which can cause deep and lasting changes in the ways businesses are done.

Technology gets bigger with every passing day. It has removed so many obstacles and has created exciting possibilities to make the lives of everyone better. Companies, startups, businesses, entrepreneurs can definitely benefit from digitization happening around.

You can now directly hear the voice and opinions of your customers through the powers of social media. You can let your employees be more productive than ever no matter where they are via mobile computing.

You can forecast better, make precise judgments and decisions in prime areas through the vast amount of data you could collect online. You can change your organizational structures, business models, customers offerings at a faster pace than ever before through digital means.

This digital wave has been building up for a long time but has taken flight in recent years. The past decade has been an impeccable year for digital technologies as they saw immense growth.

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and other platforms full of user-generated content shows how the web has transformed itself into a democratized content market.

With the advent of smartphones, now the internet is within the reach of millions which has changed the ways people live and work. Companies and people are doing things that would have been impossible a decade ago.

With the insurgence of cloud computing, loads of data have been erupting the data centers. You no longer have to own technologies like servers, operating systems, and applications if you wish to use them.

Enterprise applications, social networks, smartphones, sensors and almost every tool of modern digital ecosystem generates tons of data so much that we need filters to distinguish the data that is needed for our consumption..

This digital data eruption combined with innovations like supercomputers, driverless cars and that innovative stuff Elon musk is working on has clearly challenged the way businesses work, the costs involved and the relationship between people and machines.

It is simply phenomenal to live in an age like this.

The last time there was this much technological innovation happening around was around 300 years ago, it was the industrial revolution that changed the landscape of Europe. Those were days of when machines made like the steam engine empowered commerce, capitalism and human history.

In current times, the innovations in digital technologies has indeed brought us closer towards "a digital revolution."

The question is, are you ready for it?

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  • Robin Henderson

    Humanity will never truly grow up and progress until governments are ended. We cannot claim to care about human well being while supporting institutionalised coercion and theft. The true digital revolution will happen when we will replace corrupt leaders with better machines.

  • Luke Carter

    The digital revolution is more focused on proliferation of existing technologies and the redesigning of societal structures

  • Phillip

    Very interesting!

  • Satya Subhash

    I think we are still far from a digital revolution

  • Ken Campanelli

    Basically the rich want to live longer integrating themselves with technology and make the world "nicer" that way they can have money for longer in their lives and the pawns of society will be less angry of them being in control if everything is nice.

  • Jeffrey Moore

    great read, thanks for sharing your thoughts

  • Sachin Kumar

    Somehow it is amazing and scary.

  • Roy M

    The future is here now, but many things are not so good, machines will replace us by creating humanoids. This is my opinion.

  • Andrew Ramsey

    Well said need to share with my fellow teachers

  • Bridie Maloney


  • Aryan Narayan

    Yes I am ready

  • Mathias Lorusso

    Machine learning, quantum computing, A.I and big data will change our world

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