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Issac is a Tech enthusiast who is excited about his goals. He is a man who weaves words through his life experiences and imaginations of mind. He is an explorer who keeps browsing his ways through the world wide web, a digital explorer in quest of excellence. He is an excellent content writer that empowers organizations wherever he works for using words. Issac holds a master's in Applied Chemistry from Barktatullah Vishwavidyalaya. 


Ten Ways to Integrate Content Marketing Into Your Marketing Strategy

Seth Godin was right about the marketing world when he said, Content marketing is the only marketing left.


Create Engaging Instagram Stories Following These Three Steps

My Instagram has been on fire recently. I crossed 1k followers this January and have been hitting approx 600 to 750 profile visits daily. It was all going good as I had fixed a template, I was posting Quotes from my book- Something Between Him And Her- His First Kiss. So, the template was fixed, the content source was fixed. There was originality, uniqueness and of course my own hashtags, I created myself- #issacwrites, and #somethingbetweenhimandher. I was targeting quite a few hashtags like #wordporn, #wordgasm, #quoteoftheday, #intimacy among others. It was doing great. Until I got bored one day of the template I was using and the kind of content I was writing. It was the same old poetic romance, teens sex, and hard intimate emotions. I wanted to do something else, so I stopped after creating a 9 grid Instagram series from my novella- His First Kiss.


Struggling with Marketing your Startup - Do These Three Things

"We do not have enough budget for marketing."


Five Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Like every expertise in the world, content marketing is subject to change, and trends always have a huge impact on the way content marketing is evolving. Professionals around the world have a habit of following the trends. Aspiring people latch on to the new trends, innovative ideas and concepts, try them out, and if it works for them, they continue doing it, or else they drop it and try something else.


21 Content Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

In the business world, there are majorly two types of businesses, and they are: