Big Data Fresh from the Space

Big Data Fresh from the Space

Data’s become such a precious resource for every business that sky is quite literally the limit! Space data is all set to furnish new learnings to highly analytical business lines.

Big data is known as the chunk of information gathered from several sources. This information that is gathered from several sources is of different formats. Space data is also big data but it is the information gathered from satellites and space. Newer spheres where space data is being used are found because of a few reasons, one of them being that the rate of satellite launch is increasing. Another reason being that the cost of keeping those satellites in the space is also decreasing drastically. Organizations are plunging into this field because of the newer and better devices available to be attached onto satellites and can provide crucial insights and information that can help organizations grow.

How Space Data Helps in Agriculture

Agriculture is the base of food supply across the globe and there are several technologies being used for agriculture. There are many factors that a farmer or food manufacturer ha to take into consideration before growing any crop, some of them being – soil conditions, water availability, weather conditions, and climate change. If these factors are not taken into consideration and there is a sudden change of climate, the entire layout of the crop could be destroyed, leading to a shortage in the food supply.

Space data is crucial for farmers across the globe as the information collected from satellites assists farmers in making crucial decisions about the timing of irrigation and other factors such as monitoring soil, possible snow cover, and any other climate change that can be possible. Such precise information and analysis can help a farmer grow healthy crops and avoid food shortages because of natural calamities.

How Space Data Helps in Real Estate

Whenever a real estate organization plans to build infrastructure of its own, there are several factors such as environmental conditions and available facilities in that area are to be taken into consideration. As it is said, while buying a house, office, or any other space everyone would consider having an area surrounded by essential facilities. The information collected through satellites can inform real estate agencies about areas that are flood prone, areas that have the highest amount of facilities in minimum reach radius, etc. Organizations can further focus on what area they want their project to start. Space data can help in finding the areas suitable for organizations in deciding where their next project can be built. Shay Har-Noy, Digital Globe’s Vice President and General Manager says “The challenge is, how do you convert all those pixels into meaningful information?”

How Space Data Helps in Retail Business

Among the several issues faced by shopping centers, locations are considered to be on the top. When a retail store is placed in a geographical location where the number of customers is more, the chances of that shopping center becoming popular throughout the diameter of approximately a mile increases, eventually increasing organization’s sales. The same store can experience a downfall if the it is placed in a rather deserted geographical location with less visiting customers.

Space data can be used here too, using the images transmitted through satellites. Organizations are tracking the parking lots to determine the number of customers visiting a specific location. Using this information, retail chains can easily decide on how to increase their outreach for specific customer activity zones.

Different industries are finding ways to use space data and improve its work patterns and increase its profits, because this has already proved to be beneficial for a few industries. Decreased cost of launching satellites and keeping them in space has encouraged organizations to enter the space data collection field.

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  • Jermaine Davids

    This is a major breakthrough for humanity.

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    Tesla was the first company that was able to decrease the cost of launching satellites, we may soon discover more things in outer space

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    Good article, I have an interview tomorrow for data engineer. Wish me luck

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    Thank you efficient article

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