Five Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Five Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Issac Thomas 07/12/2018 5

Like every expertise in the world, content marketing is subject to change, and trends always have a huge impact on the way content marketing is evolving. Professionals around the world have a habit of following the trends. Aspiring people latch on to the new trends, innovative ideas and concepts, try them out, and if it works for them, they continue doing it, or else they drop it and try something else.

Many a time certain trend evolve into long-term best practices sticking around for months and years, and there would be certain trends that will be around for a few months only to be replaced by something else. It gets tough to make out which trend is here to stay for a long-term and which trend is nothing but a bubble riding on popularity. If you are precise in predicting a trend and employing it correctly, your readership will rise exponentially. If you are incorrect in your prediction, efforts you put are rendered useless.

Here are five latest trends in the content marketing that are worth keeping a watch as they can bring significant improvements to your marketing results.

1. Say Bye to Generic Content

Most content marketers follow the practice of writing solutions to questions that are searched on google by their audience. It seems like the best way to create content for your specific audience- address their concerns. This is the most fundamental principle of creating content on the web but in time people would have more severe complications, and you would have to answer more complex problems. With the rise in the capabilities of AI, Google has become capable enough to answer simple questions. Humans need to develop their expertise to get better at solving more complex problems. So getting an expertise in a particular niche is a needed requirement because in time the question won’t be what is a table rather it would be what kind of table will fulfil my basic requirement. So, a writer needs to stop being generic rather must be a scholar in what he writes.

2. Content would be More Conversational

Personalized account-based marketing converts 4x higher than traditional marketing

Until now, content that was stuffed with specific keywords was the one that would work until now. Now with Google introducing semantic search, it has eliminated the importance of keywords. The focus would be on what meaning do long phrases want to convey? With the increased use of voice search and digital assistant, there would be a rise in conversational and semantic searches.  Your content should be nearer to human speech to rank higher in a google search.

When readers read your content, it should give them a feeling that you are having a conversation with them. You should address them more personally and intrigue them with content that is relevant to them. The longest trend that has been stuck with content marketing since years is- The art of storytelling. Putting your ideas and concepts in the form of stories before your audience is the most effective form of content creation. Social media has become a platform to publish your unique ideas- the one with the most unique idea wins. Maybe in coming time, it would be more about telling real-time stories about your brand and engaging your audience in real time.

3. Niche would Matter a Lot More

Have you ever thought, how many people get excited when they see your mail in your inbox?

Or, how many people would actually care reading your weekly newsletter?

The internet has become crowded, and the crowd will grow more in coming times. With too much clutter on the web these days, to be heard on the internet is a challenge in itself. Staying unique and differentiating yourself is the key for people to notice you and listen to what you have to say. Having expertise in something will help you differentiate yourself better. Choose a particular subject and getting into finer details will help you establish your online presence better. It is a universal fact that the more unique your content would be, the lesser competition it would face to be on the top of search results.

4. Visual Presentation of Content

It has been a common observation in recent times that when you include pictures and videos in your content strategy, you get better results.  

Large chunks of text are something people skip these days, they are visually disengaging. Showcasing content via multimedia mediums is an art in itself and involves the integration of different mediums. For example- When you make a video, you prepare the script first, and the script is written content. The script is expressed through an audio and visual medium; the key is to pitch a single message through different mediums. It amplifies your reach exponentially.

5. Emphasis on Interactions and Engagements

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink

Similarly, when it comes to content, you can create the content and publish it as much as you want but it is not necessary your audience will engage with it.

In the digital era where people spend a lot of time online, they wish funny and meaningful interactions. The globe is going through digital transformation and content that is more interactive and engaging makes a stronger connection with the audience. Blogs that are open to conversations and speak directly to the readers would have a better chance of increasing their readers base. Audience polls and surveys are a great way to know their opinion and views. The key is to make your content more personal so that your readers show active engagement.

It is the amount of engagement that determines the success of your content, there is no point of content creation if your audience doesn’t engage with you. Without engagement, your content fails to serve its purpose and your marketing efforts lose its edge.

Observing these trends and adapting them is a key aspect that will determine the success of your marketing strategy. If you are a CEO of a digital marketing firm, a marketer, or a writer, sync with these five trends to make your marketing edgier and better to have a successful 2019 in terms of impressions, engagement, and conversion.

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  • Nick Heath

    No matter which type of content you choose, the most important thing is to create quality material with it.

  • Martin Aitchison

    Absolutely right ! Content for content's sake will diminish in value and begin to work against your business.

  • Kevin Headrige

    Fascinating read

  • Jason Sheridan

    There is no better way to launch a disruptive new marketing approach than by showing that it’s good at saving money.

  • Nathan Tomkins

    Every content marketer dreams of being able to take the personal touch of the sales person, and take it to the masses online.

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