How to Leverage TikTok in a Positive Way

How to Leverage TikTok in a Positive Way

Issac Thomas 14/05/2020 15
TikTok is Not Cringy If Used Correctly

#Youtubevstiktok war has been going on for a while, it took a steep turn when extremely popular Indian Youtuber Carry Minati aka Ajay Nagar roasted famous Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui for targeting Indian Youtubers.

The video has gone viral since then and since then the meme world has been on fire with memers coming in support of CarryMinati adding more fuel to the fight. Since then people have been demanding a ban on TikTok for two reasons:

  1. It has a lot of cringe content
  2. It is a Chinese product

Well, I have loathed TikTok for a long time. The simple reason being I have extremely minute tolerance for cringe content. Lately, I have started consuming Gary Vee's content and he keeps screaming on almost every second video of his, make videos on TikTok, populate it with your content, leverage its organic reach, and blah blah.

Indian social media influencer and marketer, Digital Pratik shares the same views and keeps echoing the same thought. So, when a global influencer and a world-class entrepreneur along with an Indian influencer who are actively vocal on my social media feeds are saying something continuously and that too at a stretch.

It would definitely impact my psyche and moreover I am a content creator. Greed for organic reach is too tempting to resist. I made an account on TikTok three weeks ago and in three weeks I have posted more than 70 videos. Yes, 70 videos.

Partially because I become too enthusiastic when I am trying something new, I started enjoying the platform, and literally the platform has great organic reach, around five of my videos, crossed 100 likes, and got good views.

Now, you would ask, what about the cringe content on the platform?

As, I said I have minimal tolerance for cringe, so every time I scroll through my TikTok feed and see a guy with a weird hairstyle dancing on some B-grade song, I would simply visit his profile and block him. Similarly, when I see a girl lipsyncing a Bollywood song with all those vulgar expressions, I visit her profile and press block. My friends on TikTok who do such stuff are immune to that because I enjoy their nonsense.

Anyways, I have realized one thing. TikTok is an amazing platform for content creators.

I would say like Instagram is for pictures, TikTok is for videos.

Like you can shoot a 15-second video to a 1-minute video and upload it quickly. The uploading time is way lesser than YouTube and the UI is simple.

For you to become successful on YouTube, you need to create videos of more than five minutes. That's when the algorithms would recognize your content. This is where TikTok scores brownie points, it has made the game simple for people who love making videos.

Unfortunately, it has attracted a lot of bad crowds. Since our population is huge, unemployed, and has access to cheap internet, the geography of Indian TikTok has been populated by a lot of poor content that resonates more with B-grade films and not something that enriches your mental space. Though not their fault, we are yet to evolve as a society and that for them would be entertainment.

My point is if you are seeking knowledge, wisdom, quick hacks in your area of interest, TikTok is definitely a great place to explore. I myself have come across a great set of content creators who are putting some great content on TikTok. Here is the screenshot of a few people, I follow,

No alt text provided for this image


My point is simple: Follow good people and your feed will be filled with great content.

In no way, do I say that Indian TikTokers are bad, but sadly most of them are. Though, you will still find some great TikTokers like Sarabjit Singh who has six-pack abs at the age of 50, an advocate who is a great poet, and a 40-year-old mother sharing great recipes.

TikTok as a platform has given people a small virtual space where they could showcase their talent where YouTube fails them in terms of the time taken to make a video and the kind of engagement it would get. In fact, TikTok can be used as a stepping platform, once you get better at TikTok, make a shift to YouTube.

Coming back to CarryMinati's video, I enjoyed it to the core and I believe the #youtubevstiktok war is war against cringe content. Like Shweta Chowdhury commented on my last post, cringe content is the only thing that's stopping TikTok from conquering the world.

There is cringe content on YouTube too but it doesn't enjoy the kind of engagement it gets on TikTok. Indian TikTok right now needs good content creators on the platform, it needs more teachers, dancers, painters, mimicry artists, writers, poets, actors, and not Bollywood wannabes who think lipsyncing a song is a good content.

Well, the second reason, why people say TikTok should be banned is that it is a Chinese product. It is a lame argument and I don't think I need to waste my time explaining that. Yes, I will never forgive China for wreaking havoc across the globe with Covid-19 but for that, the Chinese Government needs to be blamed not the people living there, nor Chinese products.

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  • Adam Jones

    Teens have thousands and millions of views on TikTok. In 5 years, they will be adults, and buying stuff or running a business.

  • Rob Armstrong

    I prefer Instagram over TikTok

  • Mark Lawson

    TikTok is cringe.... I hate it....

  • Sam Ormsby

    They have hilarious videos :)

  • William Wilson

    Everyone can become a content creator

  • Joe Hunt

    I am not a good singer nor a good actor. TikTok can help you get more organic reach.... They still need to moderate the content.....

  • Andrew Rienstra

    Facebook sucks, TikTok is the future

  • David Vela

    I recently joined TikTok. So far I am pleasantly surprised with my success. I might delete Instagram.

  • Aaron Flint

    TikTok is not my cup of tea.. Good stuff mate...

  • Nohar Batit

    It's even worse in my country but I like it.

  • Daniel Quinn

    China gave us COVID-19 and TikTok. They know how to take the world by storm.

  • Paul Grimes

    My daughter is addicted to TikTok

  • Holly Mickle

    TikTok is controversial but it's a damn good app !!

  • Zack Silver

    I have never used TikToK for cybersecurity reasons. I am not sure if it's secure.

  • Neil Caleb

    Good read

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