Intriguing Emerging Technologies in Agriculture

Intriguing Emerging Technologies in Agriculture

Anas Bouargane 27/10/2020 7
Intriguing Emerging Technologies in Agriculture

Farmers race against time, especially since they're faced with compromising weather conditions every so often.


Fortunately, the advancement in technology has created a significant impact in how farms handle their operations. There's a considerable difference in how modern farms operate compared to traditional ones.

This has been because of the entrance of sensors, machines, devices, and systems designed to make farming more manageable and more productive. They have improved efficiency, farming safety, increased profitability, and are more eco-friendly. Here are some of the technological advances that are changing the face of farming.

Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil moisture sensors are particularly useful to farms that rely on irrigation. They come in handy to measure the level of moisture in soil using high-frequency capacitance technology. Farmers can, therefore, use their water in a more efficient and sustainable manner. They can schedule irrigation intervals accordingly and hence achieve better greenhouse management.

 In choosing a soil moisture sensor, a farmer should consider several factors. These include its life expectancy, level of accuracy, soil type and texture, and installation method.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring systems save producers the hassle of performing crucial tasks and also ensure they have real-time feedback. When properly put to use, these monitoring systems can save a lot of time, especially on big projects.

For example, they can be put into use in monitoring water points for livestock. For large farms, this is an operation that can eat into a lot of time when done manually. The monitoring system can be set up for water tanks, boreholes, troughs, or dams. They also send alerts when there are issues on the water systems.


Hydroponics is a system of farming that doesn’t require the use of soil. The systems allow farmers to grow their crops indoors all year round with minimized risk of crop disease. Crops are grown in solvents infused with all the necessary minerals and nutrients for rapid growth and more yields. 

 This approach to farming is less involving and requires fewer resources. It also produces healthier and tastier food than traditional farming. For farmers who want to use the systems, Hydroponics Wholesale UK can help them to buy them in bulk.

Precision Planting Sensor

The sector of precision agriculture has, for a long time struggled with data collection in the seed trench. Many farmers have used the manual method of making a visual observation of the seed trench moisture levels. This approach is not only imperfect but also subject to a flawed interpretation of current conditions.

The precision planting sensor enables the collection of useful data from the seed trench. Farmers no longer have to get down on their knees and hands or make endless trips to the field. The sensing capability makes it easy to map organic matter, furrow residue, soil moisture, and control the plant population.

Take Away

A lot is going on in the field of agricultural technology, and it's not possible to exhaust it all. However, what stands out is that technology has changed, and will continue to change, the face of the agricultural sector.

More exciting developments are evident in farming equipment, solar power systems, and the streamlining of processes. Be on the lookout for new developments as technology drives agriculture to new heights.

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  • Alex Turner

    The new generation of farmers use sophisticated technologies such as robots & IoT sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology.

  • Andy Collins

    Interesting article

  • Harry Machin

    Although demand is continuously growing for more food, the farming sector is under pressure to supply and deliver for a bigger population ! Farmers are fortunate to have these new technologies.

  • Paul Millar

    Farmers should use avoid pesticides and throwing away large quantity of water. They better target very specific areas !

  • Adam Leither

    Good read

  • Gary Clark

    Technology is more important in modern agriculture than ever before.

  • Paul Milner

    Advanced devices allow those who work in agriculture to be more profitable

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