The 3 I’s in Next Generation Analytics: Instant, Interactive, Intelligent

The 3 I’s in Next Generation Analytics: Instant, Interactive, Intelligent

Helen Yu 28/01/2024
The 3 I’s in Next Generation Analytics: Instant, Interactive, Intelligent

Imagine you’re the CTO for a global retailer. You have thousands upon thousands of SKUs.

The business imperative is to be agile and responsive to buying trends so you can easily scale stores up or down quickly. Scale and performance, however, are big hurdles when it comes to large data sets, competing platforms and a mix of legacy and modern systems.

What do you do? More than anything, you need a 50,000-foot level view of your business. That means analyzing your point-of-sale data across thousands of products and stores, year-over-year data to spot buying trends and detailed information at the store and product data level.

You need the 3 Is: instant, interactive, intelligent.

Traditional Analytics is Dead

Bold words? Not when you think about the fact that “90% of the world’s data was collected in the last two years,” according to research from Zippia. No wonder the analytics landscape is experiencing a seismic shift, challenging businesses with the limitations of traditional methods. There’s more to this story, too.

Extracting meaningful insights from massive datasets is evidenced by a five times surge in streaming data predicted by Gartner's shift to operationalize AI by 2025. This surge impedes timely decision-making and innovation.

In the wake of this data deluge, businesses are grappling with challenges from conventional analytics methods. The sheer volume, velocity, and variety of data pose formidable hurdles, hindering the extraction of timely and actionable insights. It's a bottleneck stifling progress and innovation, leaving decision-makers navigating through a labyrinth of data without the necessary tools to navigate efficiently.

Drawing from over a decade of experience as a consultant designing and implementing financial planning OLAP solutions, I have personally witnessed this challenge.

I’ve also seen throughout my tech career that for every problem, there is a ready player poised to meet the challenge. Enter Kyvos Insights, a revolutionary solution breaking barrier in the analytics domain, offering a transformative journey for businesses worldwide that shows why data analytics must be instant, interactive and intelligent for market leaders to win.

Powering Analytics Evolution with Distinctive Edge

Kyvos Insights is revolutionizing how businesses harness their data. With over eight years in the analytics performance space, Kyvos boasts a workforce dedicated to empowering analytics acceleration on the cloud, serving the needs of global giants. Kyvos humanizes its brand by sharing anecdotes and success stories that illustrate its transformative impact on businesses.

Kyvos Insights' suite of offerings—Analytical Data Warehouse, Universal Semantic Layer, Data Mesh, BI & Reporting, and Gen AI—eliminate data scale constraints, accelerate analytics, and optimize cloud costs. It modernizes legacy OLAP solutions, providing a unique and comprehensive approach to analytics that goes beyond mere buzzwords.

Two Stories About Scaling Data

Real-world scenarios come alive through vivid case studies showcasing Kyvos' transformative power. In one such instance, Kyvos assisted Merative in scaling into a modern analytical platform of choice. This case study illuminates how Kyvos empowered Merative to overcome scalability challenges, enabling instant insights crucial for strategic decision-making.

Another compelling use case involves a leading pharmacy store chain that revolutionized its supply chain management with instant insights on a staggering 315 billion records. Kyvos empowered this chain to glean actionable insights in real-time, optimizing operations and streamlining their supply chain management for unprecedented efficiency.

These case studies underscore Kyvos' ability to unlock actionable insights from colossal datasets, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions swiftly.

Scaling Data with the 3 Is: Instant, Interactive and Intelligent Analytics

Kyvos’s technical prowess is demonstrated through its architecture, with the principles of Instant, Interactive, and Intelligent Analytics.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, Kyvos empowers Instant Analytics through its cutting-edge Analytical Data Warehouse (ADW) designed for high-speed analytics on the cloud. Unified Data Storage on the Cloud plays a central role in facilitating timely decision-making in fast-paced market conditions. This ADW is meticulously crafted to handle various data types, seamlessly managing both aggregated and non-aggregated data.

At the core of business intelligence and decision-making processes, Kyvos' ADW supports a wide spectrum of analytics, ranging from high-level trend analysis to detailed insights. By consolidating storage and catering to the analytical needs of modern businesses, Kyvos streamlines data management, ensuring not only Instant Analytics but also fostering Interactive Analytics. This enables quick and responsive interactions with the data and makes agile decision-making possible.

Kyvos’s ADW not only delivers rapid analytics but also optimizes the total cost of ownership. Leveraging a single storage layer minimizes data movement, infrastructure costs, and optimizes resource usage, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses navigating today’s dynamic market.

A few other capabilities are worth mentioning. A universal semantic layer transforms data access across the enterprise and provides live access and instant insights from any BI or analytics tools. It serves as a single source of truth and eliminates data disparity and ensures a consistent understanding across business units. This not only supports Instant Analytics but also enhances Interactive Analytics by enabling real-time access and responsiveness.

Data mesh organizes data by business domain.  The decentralized architecture empowers data producers and enhances scalability and data team autonomy. It facilitates complex data queriers and analysis, provides richer insights and promotes interoperability across the organization. This approach promotes autonomy and scalability within the data teams and supports Instant, Interactive and Intelligent Analytics.

Data means nothing without generating business insights.  Hence the importance of tracking business metrics with customizable and real-time dashboards. Kyvos BI reporting automated machine learning uncovers hidden patterns in data and breaks down data silos with a unified view of business information. Self-service analytics empower users to personalize their dashboard and fosters a culture of data-driven insight.

Adopting a comprehensive platform for data engineering and analytics and facilitating efficient data preparation, integration, and analysis is no longer a nice to have, but a business imperative. With a comprehensive platform, businesses can improve operational efficiency, reduce time to insight, and foster a collaborative environment for cross-functional, data-driven decision-making with the three I’s at its core.

Charting the Future with the 3 I’s: Instant, Interactive and Intelligent Analytics

The journey with next generation analytics is not merely about adopting a tool; it's an invitation to be part of a dynamic community pushing the boundaries of what is possible in analytics that is instant, interactive and intelligent. Kyvos fosters a vibrant community that encourages active participation and collaboration. Here, users discover a wealth of learning resources, engaging webinars, and knowledge-sharing sessions tailored to different proficiency levels. This inclusive environment invites enthusiasts, beginners, and seasoned professionals alike to join a community dedicated to exploring the vast world of analytics. Kyvos Free extends this invitation even further, providing a cost-free entry into data analytics where innovation knows no bounds, and you pay only for the Azure, AWS and GCP infrastructure you utilize.

The next generation of analytics is augmented analytics that enhances collaboration, scalability with instant and interactive decision intelligence. Say goodbye to analytics as you’ve always known it. There’s a new story to write – and your data is the inspiration.

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