Transform Your Workflow with Advanced PDF Features

Transform Your Workflow with Advanced PDF Features

Daniel Hall 31/05/2024
Transform Your Workflow with Advanced PDF Features

PDF documents have been a standard for businesses for a long time, as they are easy to open and see on any device.

Their fixed formatting makes them the preferred choice for most people. Still, many do not know how to unlock the full potential of PDFs, causing their workflow to slow down as they are unaware of the advantages. 

A good PDF editor changes the way you work with these files. Each company has different needs when compiling an official document, so you need to look into the right settings. Our article will present a few advanced features to streamline your workflow when you use PDFs.

Why Convert to PDF?


Documents come in multiple formats, some of which are difficult to open or read. Converting to PDF makes everything simpler, and here is why:

1. Accessibility

Plenty of file formats look very good on the device you are compiling them on. Still, once you send the document to someone else, there is a good chance they might not be able to read it without the right program. PDF files are a standard and can be opened directly on your Internet browser. For this reason, they’re accessible tools for teams whose members are scattered in various parts of the world.

2. Customization

Despite one’s belief that these files cannot be modified, this is easy to do with a PDF editor online. There are plenty of platforms, such as PDF Guru that enable you to customize a document however you see fit. A well-structured PDF could also be converted into other formats, improving workflow based on your documentation needs.

3, Maintaining Formatting

One of the greatest benefits of converting files into PDFs is that you keep a fixed formatting. This is often very useful for business documents in particular, especially when you want the page to look a certain way. PDF acts like glue, keeping everything together as it should be, preventing the words and images from “slipping” all over the place.

Top Advanced PDF Functionalities to Consider


Converting any document into PDF brings plenty of advantages, but only if you do it right. Here are some features to consider when you convert a file to PDF. 

  • Digital Signature

For a paper to be perceived as official, it should contain a signature. Otherwise, anyone can write a document and claim you wrote it. Electronic signatures are simple to produce, being very good for all types of contracts. However, if you want to take it one step higher, you should use a digital signature. 

A combination of both is generally recommended, as electronic signatures work well for sale contracts and HR docs. On the other hand, digital signatures simplify the workflow of legal and government papers. They cannot be duplicated, making them a safe bet for your business.

  • High-Level Encryption

PDF documents often contain sensitive information that should not be easily modified or used by other unauthorized individuals. For instance, let’s say you have a paper whose information you do not want to be viewed by your competition. While the average PDF document doesn’t let others modify its contents, nothing keeps intruders from reading it once it falls into their hands. 

Enter high-level encryption which limits the information to only those who are supposed to see it. Look for password protection, as this encrypts the document and prevents outsiders from accessing it if they do not have the authorization. If you want to change the authorizations, most conversions from PDF enable you to update your settings so that only the right individuals can access the paperwork.

  • Interactive Forms

PDF documents are great for conveying information. However, you might also want the readers to interact with the file. For example, they could offer you additional information for you to contact them. Since the average PDF is locked, they won’t be able to do much except stare at the document, which might lead to loss and delays.

To improve workflow and make it easier to gather the necessary details, a PDF converter tool helps you include interactive forms. These still have a fixed format which is not changeable but comes with boxes and areas to collect data. This feature is handy to get survey information or have someone sign a contract. 

  • OCR Technology

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has been around for some time and is very useful if you wish to go paperless. For the most part, this option makes the document easily searchable. Whether you want a better visual cue when you add PDF to Apple Wallet or make a full-text copy of the file, OCR helps save hours from your time.

The Bottom Line

PDF documents are a game changer for every business owner, but you should learn how to use them properly. Look for parts where your file control is lacking and see what could be improved. Once the analysis is complete, you can start looking for a PDF converter which fits your standards.

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