3 Tech Trends That Will Drive Your Business This Year

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlighted 3 key technology trends, which should be driving your business over the next 12 months: voice activation, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. 


Are Entrepreneurs Made not Born?

The age-old debate of nature vs nurture has resurfaced following the publication of research that claims you are not born with an entrepreneurial gene - apparently, the secret lies in being immersed in an entrepreneurial culture from a young age. So does that mean the likes of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates don't have that entrepreneurial spirit locked into their DNA?


Why I Give Every Lyft/Uber Driver 5-Stars

Whenever I enter a car — this refers to a Lyft/Uber — I always start with a, Hey how is it going? and typically follow up with a How has your day been? To me, this is important because I am entering the car of someone I have never met before and want to make sure the driver and any passengers are relaxed. Plus, a conversation can make the time more enjoyable.


Bitcoin, Blockchain and The Price Crash

Speculators claim that this is a temporary crash but market analysts argue that it may be all over for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Should we continue to follow the hype or finally begin to exercise caution?


Smart Contracts

Once you enter the world of blockchain, you are bound to hear words like hashes, codes, decentralized, peer to peer and smart contracts. In a previous article about blockchain, I had referred to smart contracts as the code/design of your blockchain business that you will initiate via the Ethereum network. Starting a blockchain business without making your own standalone coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum on a blockchain network would require Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts empower you to design your own business, create your own crypto currency token and have a market place on the blockchain network.

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