Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - Part 1

As we are heading towards a more digitally influenced space, social media marketing has become essential for all businesses. Social media marketing might seem like a no-brainer, however, to run successful campaigns on social media, you need time, in-depth research and a pretty good marketing strategy.


4 Mental Shifts That Will Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. It takes serious levels of commitment, learning, and hard work to run a business. From the initial overwhelm of starting a new venture to presenting your idea to the investors, entrepreneurship tests everything you're made of. Be prepared for some sleepless nights, rejections and failures. But on the other side, there is success waiting for you.


Innovation Lessons from the Humble Fidget Spinner

The fidget spinner is a child’s toy which easily spins around a central bearing. Because it is a type of gyroscope it can be used to perform various tricks involving balancing, throwing and catching.


3 Outstanding Lessons That Will Help You Lead Like John McCain

There are those who speak about leadership and then, there are those who are leaders. John McCain is the latter. Surviving nearly six years as a Vietnam Prisoner of War, this great American hero went on to serve as Senator of Arizona. Despite his unsuccessful run for President in 2008, McCain's achievements amounted to plenty.


Too Lazy to Work on Your Goals? It’s Time to Plan!

Goals give you the direction. They give you a purpose. If you’ve written down your own goals, congratulations, you’re already ahead of most (who feel demon butterflies in their stomach when thinking of setting goals). 

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