4 Best Ideas for an Office/Guest Room

4 Best Ideas for an Office/Guest Room

Daniel Hall 24/05/2024
4 Best Ideas for an Office/Guest Room

Have you worked from home more often over the last few years?

Whether your schedule is entirely remote or you spend a few days a week working from home, you likely need a comfortable office space, but creating one could require that you give up your guest room. These are some ideas you can try for creating both a guest room and an office in the same space.

Choose a Disappearing Bed

Unless you frequently have guests stay at your home, you likely will use your room as an office much more often than you will use it as a guest room. However, a bed can take up most of the space in your room, sometimes up to 75% of your space if you have a larger bed or a small room. The best way to increase your office space is to make the guest bed disappear.

As you research your bed options, consider the size and shape of the room. Do you have a wall where a Murphy bed will work, or do you need another option? If you want an area where you can sit and relax or have work visitors, you may find that a sofa bed works best. Choose an option with a nice mattress so your guests are comfortable, but make sure you can sit and work on it comfortably as well.


Find the Right Lighting

The next thing you should consider in your guest office space is lighting. Because the room serves two purposes, you need creative lighting solutions. This is especially true if you also participate in video conferences for work.

Therefore, you will need a variety of lighting options. For both rooms, you need some kind of ceiling light, such as a chandelier. Your office space requires a desk lamp, a ring light for video chats, and other more focused options so you can see and complete your work effectively. However, your guests probably don’t want an overhead light on all the time, nor does your desk lighting provide the right ambiance. Therefore, you may need to invest in some nice side table lamps.

Select a Suitable Desk and Chair

The type of work you do and how often you work from home will determine the type and size of your desk and chair. If your work is entirely on the computer with few necessary supplies, you may get away with a small built-in, table or multipurpose desk.

However, if your work requires more space, find a desk that will accommodate all your tasks. Don’t forget your office chair, but search for something that can double as a relaxing place to sit for your guests.

Add Innovative, Multipurpose Storage

Therefore, the next type of furniture you should look for is storage. You could add a filing cabinet, shelves, and a chest of drawers to your room, but it may get a bit crowded. Therefore, find a system that allows you to put your office supplies away and out of sight, but also offers your guests a place to put their travel accouterments.

As you put your office/guest room together, start with functional challenges, such as furniture and lighting, but don’t forget to add some personality and style. Create a room that inspires both you and your guests.

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