A Guide to Properly Preparing Your Products for Shipping

A Guide to Properly Preparing Your Products for Shipping

Piyush Jain 13/12/2023
A Guide to Properly Preparing Your Products for Shipping

A good aspect of eCommerce is that it allows you to sell your products and services online.

The flexibility of working from home and selling the products you love allows you to make your own schedule. Running an e-commerce business has its own set of challenges, such as shipping items and dealing with returns. Provide clear instructions for returning packages and make sure your packages are packed well.

The products your customers ordered should arrive without any problems for them. Shipping can be a breeze by avoiding common mistakes, and your customers will keep returning for more.

The following tips will help you prepare your products for shipping properly.

Choosing a Reputable Shipping Company

Charting the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Shipping

Getting the best shipping company in the USA is difficult because so many are available. If you're just starting, working with an established shipping company is probably best. Choosing the right shipping company for your business requires researching the top shipping companies in your area.  

There are different criteria each company considers when determining its rates, so you must work with a qualified team. Choosing a professional shipping company is the best way to ensure you get a good deal. It is also a good idea to ask if you can use any other services. For large orders, some companies offer storage solutions.

Keep the Products Well-Packaged

Packaging your e-commerce deliveries well is extremely important for a successful delivery. Remove any parts or pieces from the packaging that may break off or become damaged during shipping. Don't forget to pack your products in a sturdy box. For that purpose, use custom mailer boxes that are visually appealing and practical, ensuring the safe transit of products by providing sturdy protection against damage during shipping. 

Also, you must choose what kind, size, and packaging shape you need. Regarding containers, boxes are usually the best because they are usually made with stronger materials. Also, check for holes or cracks before closing any other type of container.

Provide Return Instructions

Ensure you include return instructions with every purchase when picking up your products if your business provides returns. Doing this will prevent customers from having difficulty completing the return process themselves. Also, you can send along some pre-paid envelopes. The easier the returns process is for consumers, the more likely they will shop with you again. You can also ensure more repeat customers if you provide returns and exchanges.

Properly Label Your Product

To avoid mixing things up during delivery:

  1. Give each product its own label when writing up your shipping labels. If you make a mistake, you don't want a customer to receive something different than what they expected.

  2. Make sure your labels indicate what size or color is included.

  3. Consider labeling each box instead of sticking multiple labels onto one big box if you have multiple sizes or colors available for one type of item.

Pack Your Items Carefully

The worst thing for a customer is to receive a package with their order ruined because of a poor shipping method. If you run an eCommerce business, speed is important, but you shouldn't rush things when it comes to shipping. If you don't handle your stock carefully, you will damage your stock in the event of a sudden surge in sales. When packing each product, leave yourself plenty of time and don't rush through each step too quickly.

Keep Record for Tracking Purposes

Parcel Delivery

For tracking and other purposes, keeping detailed records is one of the most important things you can do as an e-commerce business. You'll need proof of when and where something was delivered if it gets damaged in shipping. You can purchase a system that will provide you with all the functionality you need in the future in case your online retailer does not have this capability. This "insurance" will help prevent problems caused by carriers or store workers' lack of proof of delivery or mishandling.

You can have difficulty shipping your products if you don't prepare them properly. Following these tips can prevent shipping problems and create a better customer experience.

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