AI PC is here for Business

AI PC is here for Business

Helen Yu 12/04/2024
AI PC is here for Business

An AI PC, or Artificial Intelligence Personal Computer, is a computer system equipped with specialized hardware and software designed to efficiently process and execute artificial intelligence tasks.

These tasks may include machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision, and other AI-related computations.

AI PCs typically feature high-performance processors, dedicated AI accelerators (such as GPUs or TPUs), and optimized software frameworks that enable seamless integration and execution of AI algorithms.

These systems are utilized across various industries and applications, ranging from research and development to consumer electronics, to enable advanced AI-driven functionalities and insights.

In the latest edition of CXO Spice, I was delighted to host Jen Larson, the GM of Commercial Clients Segment at Intel Corporation.

We discussed how Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors and Intel vPro® are powering AI PC innovation. I am thankful for Intel’s sponsorship.

Jen shared invaluable insights into her role as the GM of Commercial Clients Segment at Intel and shed light on the significance of Intel vPro as the cornerstone for professional-grade PC computing.

Here are some highlights from our discussion:

  • Continuous Innovation: Intel has been offering the vPro platform to customers for 18 years, constantly improving its features, especially in remote management.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Intel vPro focuses on enhancing user productivity through premium connectivity features such as Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, and Thunderbolt Connectivity Solutions. It also prioritizes performance to ensure uninterrupted work and collaboration, with extended battery life and new experiences enabled by CPU, GPU, and NPU.

  • Robust Security: Intel's hardware-based security approach focuses on prevention to stop attacks at the source. These capabilities have been shown to reduce the attack surface by 70% compared to older PCs. Additionally, Intel's threat detection improves efficacy by 24% compared to software alone, and the company is committed to providing security assurance through rigorous testing, bug bounty programs, and transparent communication of issues.

  • Customer Assurance: Intel emphasizes the importance of choosing devices with Intel vPro capabilities to ensure productivity and security whether for large, small businesses, government agencies or educational institutions. Regularly seeking out and addressing security issues is crucial, and Intel provides standardized, repeatable platform update processes for customer assurance.

  • Stability and Compatibility: Stability is paramount with the transition to Windows 11. Intel vPro ensures a stable platform without requiring hardware changes and boasts 99.7% application compatibility rates.

  • Sustainability: By leveraging Intel vPro's manageability capabilities, businesses can significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with device management, exemplifying Intel's commitment to sustainability and responsible technology use.

Here are a few highlights from a recent Forrester TEI study showcasing the benefits of Intel vPro:

  • 30% faster to set up and deploy compared to other devices. This streamlined process translates directly into tangible benefits for customers in terms of both time and money.

  • 40% reduction in help desk tickets, saving organizations valuable resources while enhancing both IT efficiency and end-user satisfaction. Additionally, this reduction in tickets not only saves time and money but also contributes to sustainability efforts by minimizing unnecessary support interventions.

  • 90% reduction in field support for devices managed by Intel vPro attribute to its ability to remotely manage and repair devices.  It reduces operational costs and improves overall efficiency.

  • A customizable ROI calculator is a standout feature of Intel vPro.  It empowers IT professionals to tailor the analysis to their specific organizational context and generate custom reports. This personalized approach enables organizations to build a more compelling business case for adopting Intel vPro based on their unique circumstances and requirements.

Intel vPro is not just a PC platform; it's a catalyst for innovation, productivity, and sustainability. Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors and Intel vPro® provide the most comprehensive approach to AI, Manageability Solutions, and PC Security. It's clear that Intel vPro holds great promise for the future of computing.

Learn more:

Don't miss out on the insightful discussion with Jen Larson! Watch the CXO Spice video to learn more about AI PC and Intel vPro.

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