It’s Time You Started To Focus On Improving Your Brand Image

It’s Time You Started To Focus On Improving Your Brand Image

Daniel Hall 30/04/2022
It’s Time You Started To Focus On Improving Your Brand Image

Growing your business is something that takes a lot of work and many different factors to succeed.

Your brand image is one of those factors. In fact, your brand image is one of the biggest factors that you’ll be relying on for your success, and it involves you working on your business from the ground up. If your business hasn’t really had the chance to work on the brand image, or there’s been controversy involving your brand - it’s time to get started on improving your brand image.


Learn About Your Audience

Before you get going, you need to make sure that no matter what you do, you’re mainly improving your brand’s image to your audience. Part of growing your business is gaining more customers, and if you’re trying to appeal to an audience that’s not likely to be interested in your product, then you’re wasting your time and resources. You need to rebrand in a way that’s going to make customers feel like you’re worth supporting again.

Where You See Your Clients

One of the bigger parts that need to be worked on is where you see your clients. How do you deal with them? Do they come to your store? Do you hold meetings or appointments? Well, in either case, it’s important that the building they’re visiting says a lot about your business. You want it to be reflective of the service they can expect, so you should be investing a decent amount into the appearance and front of your business.

If that involves improving your office, then hairpin legs on tables might be a style you’re interested in as a replacement for your desk. Or instead, consider changing the style completely. 

Social Media Representation

You need to understand that it’s not just your business that creates the image, but the employees and representatives that work for you. If you’re being represented by someone online, then it should be known that their actions will likely reflect on your business. Consider it as potential customers seeing what is and isn’t allowed within your business. It’s because of this that you need to make sure that anyone who is representing your business is acting in a way that aligns with your core values.

There have been many occasions where an employee of a company has spoken out against company policy while representing the business and has caused controversy for the business they work for. This can cause you to either lose an employee or lose customers, neither of which is worth it.

Redefine Your Logo

Your logo is a very important part of your branding, and it’s fair to think of it at the forefront of marketing. It’s what people see and think of when your business is mentioned. You want it to be something that’s easy to recognize, but not too simple as to fall in line with other logos. It’s tricky to design, and many businesses tend to update their logos as the years go on. It helps to create something right the first time so that you don’t have to update it and possibly confuse customers.

Be More Transparent

If you want customers to be interested in supporting your business, then you need to create some trust between you and them. A small business already has a hard time gaining tracking, but being transparent can be a way to grow quickly. People like to know about a company’s values and policies before they support it, as it means they can be sure that their money is going to a place that they agree with. Being transparent with your customers will inspire more people to trust you going forward.

Be Consistent

It helps to inspire confidence within your consumers if you’re consistent in both your message and quality. They want to know that everything you’re selling can be trusted as if buying from you is a gamble - it’s much easier to head somewhere else. Be consistent with your branding, your service, and with your company’s message.

If you try to change up your values and message too often, it may appear that you’re only doing it to appeal to a grander audience, which could lose you a lot of customers. Be consistent with your message and ensure that you can keep your long time customers. You might have a hard time being recognizable if you keep changing things up.

With the internet, you have no real option but to be consistent no matter who you’re doing business with. International companies will often change their policies to match the consumers of other countries, but that’s not always a good thing. Many customers who notice this will actively try to support that business less due to policies they don’t agree with coming from other branches. It might seem like only a small thing, but when there are so many options for competition, you have to work hard to keep your most loyal customers.

Start a Website

If you want to create a solid first impression, then having a website can be a good way to do so. You need to make sure that it’s a high-quality site, though, if you’re going to inspire confidence within your customers. A poorly made site can cause the customer to feel like the product they receive is going to be of similar quality, and they may think to shop elsewhere instead.
There’s a lot of testing that goes into creating the perfect website, as the vision and plan might not align with what’s possible and functional. You have to consider how well the website performs, as well as how responsive and easy it is for the customer to navigate. Without making sure of this, you’re going to lose a lot of users on the site due to frustration or a lack of patience. It should be easy for your customers to give you money, rather than an annoying challenge to find what they’re looking for, and then another one to purchase it.

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