Krishen Iyer Discusses “Always On” Marketing

Krishen Iyer Discusses “Always On” Marketing

Daniel Hall 23/09/2021
Krishen Iyer Discusses “Always On” Marketing

A successful entrepreneur in Carlsbad, California, Krishen Iyer earned a degree in public administration from San Diego State University before embarking on a successful career in the insurance sector.

His first company was MNP Insurance, which continues to do business as Name My Premium. Employing a business model that stressed exponential growth, Iyer led MNP to a place on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015.

Krishen Iyer went on to establish and lead MBS (Managed Benefit Services), a licensed insurance agency and marketing firm that specialized in generating business needs for its core clients. Since founding the MAIS Consulting Firm in 2020, he has led this insurance industry advice firm from its Carlsbad offices.

As a result of his outstanding business success and his unique ability to communicate his innovative insights to others, Krishen Iyer has emerged as a thought leader on many subjects related to business operations and consumer outreach. In this capacity, he recently spoke out on the rapidly evolving phenomenon of “always on” marketing.

Understanding the Concept of “Always On” 

Although it is a hot topic in the current marketing environment, “always on” marketing is far from a new concept. However, before we can discuss its historical precedence and its implications within the modern marketplace, we need to establish a general definition for it.

At its heart, the term “always on” marketing refers to marketing strategies that emphasize consistent audience engagement and communication that indicates ongoing availability. By sending the message that you are always “on,” your customers get the comforting and convenient idea that you can meet their immediate needs at any given moment.

Of course, the idea of “around the clock” consumer outreach has been around for quite some time. Although this type of constant accessibility was restricted to certain industries and markets prior to the digital revolution, since the advent of the Internet and the e-commerce platforms that came with it, consumers have grown accustomed to shopping for virtually any product or service seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

To take advantage of the never-ending activity of online consumers, marketers have developed a range of strategies to reach active consumers in real-time, addressing their specific concerns and targeting them with goods and services that are relevant to their wants and needs. Email and social media have proven to be key interactive channels of communication between “always on” marketers and their target audiences.

The majority of companies with an online presence are able to accept consumer messages, orders, and bookings 24/7, but this is where their round-the-clock communications typically end. As e-commerce continues to command a growing dominant share of overall consumer spending, wise business owners are increasingly asking themselves, “What is my company doing to reach out to our existing customer base and target consumer market right now? This is the spirit behind “always on” marketing.

Krishen Iyer’s Unique Take on the “Always On” Approach

Leading MAIS Consulting with a focus on maximum consumer outreach and dedicated client service, Krishen Iyer builds on decades of experience as a marketing innovator and influential thought leader. He finds much to admire in the developing “always on” movement but feels that it is often misunderstood and misdirected.

“Principally, ‘always on’ marketing is about engaging individual members of your target market on their own terms and delivering results on whatever hours they happen to keep,” says Krishen Iyer. “While I admire the basic concept behind the ‘always on’ approach, I think it is essential to remember that ‘always on’ isn’t the same as ‘always communicating.’”

In other words, it is essential to use consumer insights and feedback to avoid inundating an audience with unwanted messages while wasting precious company resources. By taking these measures, marketers can ensure that their “always on” outreach is not only highly effective but highly efficient as well. 

“Always on” should take the unique responses of its target market into careful consideration. Forbes has reported that 92% of people actually prefer live chatbot interactions to email, social media contact, and other forms of online communication. But it is important to tailor these chats to meet the unique wants and needs of each consumer by employing an AI-driven platform that can deliver personalized messaging across different marketing channels.

“Always on” marketing strategy should never be carried out on autopilot. Wise marketers will constantly find ways to redirect their tactics to refine and optimize in with specific market segments in mind. 

To achieve these ends, Krishen Iyer agrees with Pegasystems Product Marketing Manager Matthew Camuso, who stresses the importance of reaching each consumer with a message that resonates specifically with him or her. “Instead of just looking at sales offers, we start with all the possible things we could talk to them about,” said Camuso. “It could be thousands of them, and even though the next best action should be AI-driven, we’re not going to let the AI run rampant experimenting on every single person with every topic.”

MAIS Consulting Is There Whenever and Wherever Needed

Building upon and strategically modifying the basic tenets of “always on” marketing, Krishen Iyer leads MAIS Consulting with a focus on identifying gaps in your marketing operations and filling those gaps promptly and efficiently. Beyond its marketing services, MAIS Consulting provides expert assistance in areas that range from contracting to policy development.

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