Making Your Workplace a Productive Space for Employees

Making Your Workplace a Productive Space for Employees

Anas Bouargane 18/03/2020 4
Making Your Workplace a Productive Space for Employees

When you take on employees, you’re taking on a big responsibility, but you’re taking them on for a good reason.

Whatever their role, they’re going to help your company to complete the work that needs to be done to function and keep your customers or clients happy. What you want most from your employees is for them to be productive. The more productive they are, the more they will help your company to grow and expand and, ultimately, the more profit you will be able to generate. Here are a few tips that you can implement into your workplace to help them achieve this!

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Natural Light

Natural light is more than a nice aesthetic to add to your office - it’s absolutely essential for your employees’ overall health and wellbeing. On top of that, it can help to boost productivity. Here’s how. Natural light regulates your circadian rhythms, which regulate how your body knows when it’s time to be awake and when it’s time to wind down and sleep. Naturally, we rise with the sun and start to get tired when the sun sets. If you have natural light flooding your office, your employees are more likely to be alert and ready to work!

Make Sure Everywhere’s Clean and Tidy

Cleanliness is important for any office space. Cluttered spaces can be overwhelming and create a negative atmosphere. Unhygienic spaces are simply unacceptable and pose a risk to your workers. So, make sure the office is neat and presentable at all times. This will set a professional tone and help to foster a positive working atmosphere. Encourage employees to keep their desks relatively clear and tidy. Place waste bins under each desk so people can dispose of paper and other waste conveniently, rather than leaving it on their desks. Hire a reliable cleaning company to attend the office when your other employees have finished and clean the space thoroughly. Services like those provided by will see your office sparkling.

Make sure that there's a weekly detailed cleaning session, too as it will ensure a high level of hygiene, which is key for an office. This may include vacuuming carpets and rugs, mopping hard floor surfaces, sanitizing bathrooms, and wiping down desks. Modern companies like to hire green commercial cleaning services that help them with these jobs while also providing eco-friendly solutions. This is a great way to show your customers and clients you care about the environment while also keeping the office in top condition.

Creating Space for Breaks

So many employees will take their breaks at their desks. Sure, this is their personal space and it’s fine if they want to do this. But more often than not, you’ll find people still checking emails, responding to messages, or finishing off bits and pieces of work while they eat. This may look productive, but it really isn’t. Research has shown that people need breaks from their work to reach their maximum levels of productivity. They should, where possible, be taking their breaks away from their desks where they can let their mind wander, truly relax and take half an hour or an hour to recuperate for when they return to their work. You can encourage people to do this by creating appealing and comfortable spaces for break time. Have some sort of comfortable seating or sofa people can retire to. You might even want to consider installing some table tennis, table football, or other fun activities into a break room.

These are just a few simple steps that you might want to implement into your employees’ workspace and workday, but they should boost productivity significantly!

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  • Luke Mitchell

    I can't stand working in a dirty office

  • Hitesh Nirwan

    Simple steps that can make a powerful impact

  • Conner Booth

    I always need break to relax my mind... I can't stand working countless hours without catching a break... Work life balance is essential for me...

  • Amy Campling

    Good post

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