Posts That Get More Engagement on Instagram!

Posts That Get More Engagement on Instagram!

One of the most important channels on social media for brands and online businesses is Instagram.

Instagram is booming, with millions of users and brands added daily, and is an indicator of success for most people, especially the millennials.


As much as it seems simple to set up an account, posts high quality images and get people to follow you, it’s not that simple. Although, it is a social media platform, it is somewhat different from rest of the channels. Like the usage of hashtags is not limited to a number; in fact users add maximum hashtag on Instagram to get more followers which in turn enhances the online visibility. 

If you just set up an account for yourself, your brand on Instagram, or have had an account but seen no success, here is how you can boost engagement on your Instagram profile:

Share your Customer Experiences

Share customer experiences! Sharing experiences with your audience is one of the best things you can do! If you’re a brand, share experiences that your customers have! If you’re an individual, share experiences that you have with various brands and their products or services! The reason why this helps boost user engagement is because you’re telling them a true experience or story of what goes on in your life.

Videos Have More Engagement

Videos or boomerangs add a more fun factor and get more engagement on Instagram. According to the statistics, businesses and personal profiles of individuals that upload more videos have thrice the amount of user engagement on simple images.

Videos posted at off work hours, like in the early morning or post lunch or after back from work are seen to have much more engagement than videos posted at other time of the day.

Live Stories

On a daily basis, the number of users who are adding live stories on a daily basis is increasing with every passing day. Majority of the Instagram users are adding stories to be able to interact with the social circle or the follower base they have. As the story disappears after 24 hours, people usually stop by to see what the story is all about. This also has an element of scarcity to it, making users check out the live stories immediately before they disappear!

Best Posting Times

We know, you’re sick of hearing this! But posting on an optimum time for your personal or brand account can do everything to make your posts engaging. Although. Instagram changed its algorithm no longer shows images in a chronological order, it still matters what time you post an image on Instagram. This at certain times you will find more users active compared to other times. This also matters on your geographical location. If your audience is sitting in Australia, make sure you post when they’re most likely to see your post! Test out a few different timing and identify the one which gets you maximum user engagement.  

Posts Faces

Posts with faces tend to have more user engagement on Instagram. It seems to be more human-friendly. Businesses have started adopting this method by showing behind the scenes of their teams and real people working to deliver to the audience. This adds a personal touch and lets the audience or consumers know exactly the kind of people helping their favorite brands deliver their favourite products and services.

Compelling CTA

A post that has a compelling call to action is bound to have more engagement! Posts where brand asks their audience which country they’re from tend to get a large number of comments from all their followers. This helps in ranking your post further up in the funnel that leads to you to the ‘top posts’. If your post has a great deal of engagement shortly after posting, chances of you landing in the top posts section are pretty high!

Look at Analytics

Marketers now are using ample marketing tools that are available online, these tools provide you with the insight of each and every social media platform. If you study analytical tool, you will know which posts of yours are performing well with the readers and which are not. If you’re a brand, you can get access to Instagram’s inbuilt analytic tools simply by connecting your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Story Telling

Story telling will never go out of fashion! Think about it, when was the last time someone offered to tell a story and it didn’t interest you. Posts that tell a story have more engagement on Instagram. Adding a compelling or true story in your caption will make users stop and read what you have to say. And if your story telling skills are good, they might even double tap and leave a comment!


Using hashtags on Instagram is the formula to get followers on your account. According to research, an Instagram post that has more than 11 hashtags, seems to have more user engagement and online visibility for online posts. Use appropriate marketing tools that tell you which are the more popular hashtags which are in trend. Using hashtags relevant to your business will make your post more visible to other businesses which are in the same domain as your business.

Online businesses are now exploring every social media platform to boost their online presence. Instagram being one of the most popular social media channel with the youth, has the maximum potential to build a brand image. Step up the game of marketing now! 

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  • Miranda

    I went through a brief phase of trying to become a lifestyle blogger. I was using the crap out of hashtags. It really does work. I would get so many random likes on my pictures!! Also-tagging brands! Great tip!

  • John Rohlf

    All these tips are so true!!

  • Avin Graham

    You forgot collaborations! They're fun & effective...if you can find the right person/brand to connect with.

  • Randal Lowry

    This author is so intelligent,she knows what she's talking about

  • Stephapnie Boujii

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon your articles

  • Brian Mansfield

    My pictures are high quality with a well put together feed I use all 30 hashtags it only gets me around 300 likes on my pictures. My followers aren't active I don't understand. It's been this way for the whole month.

  • Rosane Atwood

    Thank you so much for writing this awesome post

  • Kyle Crabby

    I've noticed a sizable jump on my photo likes by using the right hashtags and captions.

  • Nishal Bisht

    Miss the days when all you had to do was post quality content and engage with your community!

  • John Basedow

    I like your content and really wish to see your next post

  • Ezzian Wilson

    I encourage you to embrace authenticity by growing a genuine following.

  • Viviana Pina

    Hope that these tips will increase my engagement

  • Heather Austin

    Thanks for the insight into the truth behind Instagram

  • Wendy Gentry

    Thanks for sharing

  • Mike001

    Thanks for the enlightenment. This really helps me understand IG more.

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