Revealing London's Most Common Job Roles and Workplace Accident Risks

Revealing London's Most Common Job Roles and Workplace Accident Risks

Mihir Gadhvi 13/07/2023
Revealing London's Most Common Job Roles and Workplace Accident Risks

A recent study has analyzed official UK government data to uncover London's most common job roles and shed light on the workplace accident risks faced by workers.

The study conducted by accident compensation experts at Claims offers valuable insights into the specific challenges encountered by employees in various occupations. From slips and falls in retail settings to musculoskeletal disorders caused by extended periods of sitting or manual handling, employees across various industries face specific challenges.

By identifying these risks, employers can prioritize measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their workforce, promoting a healthy and secure work environment. Let's explore the findings in more detail.


1. Sales and Retail Assistants

Sales and retail assistants top the list as the most common job role in London, with 146,860 employees. While their responsibilities involve stocking shelves and organizing stores, they face workplace accidents primarily related to slips, trips, and falls. These incidents often occur due to fallen merchandise and cluttered aisles. Improper handling of heavy objects can also lead to strains and sprains.

2. Cleaners and Domestics

With 100,740 employees, cleaners and domestics hold the second spot in the list. Their duties include cleaning floors, restocking supplies, and waste disposal. The data reveals that more than 3,000 severe accidents involving cleaners are reported to the UK's Health & Safety Executive annually. Wet floors and lack of signage contribute to slips, while the use of potent chemicals without proper protective equipment can result in skin injuries and respiratory problems.

3. Financial Managers and Directors

Financial managers and directors, totaling 81,445 employees, rank third in the list. As office-based roles, these professionals spend extended hours seated at their desks. Prolonged periods of sitting without movement can lead to increased blood pressure and musculoskeletal disorders, with the back being particularly affected. These issues can arise due to poor ergonomic practices.

4. Care Workers and Home Carers

Care workers and home carers, with 72,475 employees, hold the fourth position. Their responsibilities involve assisting residents with personal care, social activities, and medication. Lifting and handling tasks can result in strains, sprains, and fractures, particularly in areas like the hands and spine. Manual handling accounts for approximately one in three accidents in this occupation.

5. Administrative Occupations

The fifth spot goes to administrative occupations, with around 68,740 employees. This role entails diverse tasks such as document preparation, database management, and invoice processing. The use of computer screens for prolonged periods can lead to computer vision syndrome, a type of eye strain. Regular breaks and equipment like glare filters are crucial to mitigate these issues.

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