The Big Things That Slow A Business Down

The Big Things That Slow A Business Down

Anas Bouargane 20/12/2019 6
The Big Things That Slow A Business Down

It feels like speed is always the name of the game in business.

Whether you are trying to make your workers faster, or increase their productivity, you may find that there are so many different aspects of running a business that just doesn't go as fast as you want them to. When you are trying to improve productivity you must look at the things that can potentially slow a business down. What are the main factors that can slow a business down?


Inadequate Technology

It is the bane of the modern business. If we have poor technology and we rely on it so much we will find that it truly slows down our processes. It doesn't have to be the apps, it can be the overall operating system. If you are upgrading to Mac because you think they work faster there can be issues with the Mac Catalina OS and this article can provide you with some handy points to troubleshoot. Low storage space can also cause problems. You should know how how to free up space on a mac. If you don't, check here. The big problem we all have is that we rely on our technology to do our job for us. As soon as a business starts to suffer at the hands of technology this is when everything starts to slow down; productivity is reduced and we end up biting your nails way too much because of the money we're throwing down the drain. 

Low Morale

Morale is the icing on the cake for any business. If we have low morale we will struggle to keep ourselves productive. Employee wellness needs to be a priority and if you do not have the welfare of your employees at your heart when you are pushing for your employees to do things faster without giving them adequate reason or rewards it's unsurprising when they come back to you and complain of anxiety or stress. Working on the morale of the organization is to do with the culture that you nurture but it's also about the little things that can help your employees work better. Pressure can work for one person but completely inhibit another. Work on your morale and make sure everybody feels good about what they are doing, whether this is by providing the bigger picture or focusing on individual methods, you will help to improve morale gradually over time.

Poor Processes

We can spend a long time finding a process, that when it doesn't work we can be somewhat stubborn and make sure that it stays that way because we've worked so hard on it. But when we have a process that is particularly poor we must address why this is not going the way we thought it would. The process of implementing processes is to do with giving it the time that it needs but also being prepared for failure. When a business is slow due to a lengthy process it's wasting money, manpower, as well as the time of everyone involved. But this is something we have to learn from as soon as possible. When we put a process in place we have to remember that it's not set in stone.

A business can slow to a crawl and so it's worth looking at these three elements and address them.

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  • David Foggett

    Your tips helped me a lot. Thank you .

  • Andrew Kaplan

    Great info as always

  • Matthew Sparacino

    Driving a business is just like driving a car. When it slows down and you want to speed it up...step on the accelerator and keep your foot on it. Fortunately in business we're not limited to one accelerator pedal.

  • David Conway

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Phil Coultas

    I respect you because you keep it real.

  • Angela Brown

    Being focused is better than being busy.

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