Top 7 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Displays Unique and Fabulous

Top 7 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Displays Unique and Fabulous

Felix Yim 07/11/2022
Top 7 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Displays Unique and Fabulous

Trade shows can be extremely important to companies, as they allow you to reach dozens of potential customers in a short amount of time.

However, this also means that trade shows are popular and can be crowded with businesses. You want your company to stand out above the rest so that you attract the most attention and, therefore, clients or consumers.

Use Accessories to Create Depth and Interest


There are many tools you can use to make your display look unique, including accessories like banners and posters. Consider using a combination of display panels, lighting elements, or hanging displays to help draw customers in and tell them more about your company, products, or services. This will help create a more dynamic environment that encourages people to stop by your booth.

It is very important to set up quality trade show displays for the brand's long-term reputation. Therefore, hiring a designer who understands trade show displays can be a huge asset. He or she will know how to use design and space to help you catch attention and will understand the elements that make a great trade show display.

Choose a Sleek, Modern Display

A sleek display is easy to set up and tear down, fits your needs, is easy to transport, is durable, and can be updated easily. Make sure your employees are trained in how to set up the booth. Ideally, you won't need as much help after it's built as you did before it was built.

Include a QR code so that people can easily find your website or any other relevant information on the Internet. Having this code will make it easier for people to find out more about you without having to go through all of these steps again.

Find an Unusual Backdrop or Product-Display Idea

Be sure to find an unusual backdrop or product-display idea. This will instantly make your event stand out from the crowd. For example, instead of using a solid-colored background, consider displaying a large photograph or painting in the booth, so people have something interesting to look at while they learn more about what you're offering. 

You can also create a theme by incorporating props such as beach balls and surfboards alongside your products in your booth if you're selling summer gear, for example. Another fun option is to hang ribbons across the top of the booth with different colors for each product line that you want to highlight during the show.

Create an Enticing Message in Big, Bold print

Creating a unique and fabulous message for your trade show displays is about more than having a catchy slogan, though those are certainly nice. To attract the attention of attendees, you need to create a cohesive look that draws the eye from across the exhibit hall.

Your marketing materials should be unified visually and thematically, with color schemes and imagery that complement each other. Designing graphics that tell customers a story is also key. Big, bold print encourages people to read your signs from afar and come closer for details about what you’re offering. Use different colors than your competitors—the combination of blue, red, yellow, and white makes an unforgettable impression!

Make Smart Use of Color on Your Display Panels

Color is one of the most attention-grabbing elements that draws visitors to your exhibit. Bright colors will always attract attention, so consider these bold color choices for your exhibit. If you have an established brand identity, consider using those colors in your display design as well.

 While bright designs are sure to catch guests' eyes, using too many loud colors can also be overwhelming and detract from the main point of the display: showcasing your products or services. This is where a basic understanding of color theory and complementary/analogous hues comes into play. With this knowledge at hand, it's possible to create a more cohesive design without sacrificing boldness and attractiveness.

Set Up a Product Demonstration Area or Fun Photo Op 

Having a fun photo op area is an excellent way to attract visitors and make your booth more memorable. You can set up something like a green screen for visitors to take pictures with or have something completely original that fits with your brand. The point is to have something fun that people can easily remember and share on social media so that you get even more exposure at the event. Make sure the photo op area has good lighting and is separated from other parts of your booth, so that noise doesn’t interfere with picture taking.

If you have products you want to showcase, consider having a dedicated space where you can demonstrate one or more of them in action. This gives you a great opportunity to highlight what makes your products special while giving attendees a chance to engage with them firsthand. The demonstration should be lit well so people can see what’s going on, but it should also be separated from other parts of your booth, so people aren’t distracted by background noise when watching the demonstration.

Invest in an Interactive Kiosk or Touchscreen Device

Interactive kiosks and touch screens are one of the most engaging ways to capture leads. As more and more people become comfortable using interactive technology, they will be drawn to booths featuring this type of technology. Interactive kiosks are a proven way to engage attendees at trade shows, conferences, and other events.

These interactive technologies can also be used to educate attendees about your company’s products and services, schedule follow-up appointments, conduct product demos, conduct surveys or provide feedback forms.



Your trade show display is an important part of your business, so it's worth the effort to make it unique and fabulous. Try some or all of these ideas to make your display stand out from the crowd. You'll be glad you did! Don't stress about it too much; just have fun with it.

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