What to Consider When Starting an Electrician Business

What to Consider When Starting an Electrician Business

Daniel Hall 28/04/2022
What to Consider When Starting an Electrician Business

Owning a business is satisfying, owing to the many benefits it comes with.

It is no different for those conversant with electrical matters. Such people may want to start their own business after working for someone else or if they feel that their expertise is enough to start an electrical business.

Getting and having the idea may seem simple. However, starting and building a successful venture is not as straightforward as many think. 

Below is a guide to help anyone who wants to begin an operational electrical business.

Begin with Goals and Objectives Setting


Electricians must always ask themselves why they want to start their own electrical business. Is it to boost their income, give themselves more flexible hours for other things, or help others grow? 

Having a significant reason fuels the motivation to begin even before anything else follows. It becomes the foundation for building the business. 

After the goals and objectives are determined, it is time to think about the practicalities.

A Business Plan

A successful electrician business launch requires a current business plan. Electricians who have created a business plan in the past must update it accordingly because things keep changing. 

A business plan generally defines and gets into more details about the business’s objectives and goals achievement. It is the roadmap that will guide the operations.

Writing a business plan is usually time-consuming, but it is always worth it. A business plan for an electrical business details essential aspects such as the owner’s short and long-term goals with the time frames, marketing strategies, funding, financial projections, and growth opportunities. 

To build a business plan, electricians can begin by identifying and analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). A SWOT analysis comes in handy when updating or creating a business plan.


Starting from scratch will be costly and requires an initial cash outlay. Electricians must think about how they will fund their venture. Are they exclusively funding the venture themselves, borrowing from friends and family, or are they going to consider a different source of funding like electrician financing? These are loans that electricians can borrow to fund different projects as they start. Various lenders like traditional banks, online lenders, government loan schemes, and financial institutions can provide these loans. 

A business plan always comes in handy when applying for electrician financing. Lenders will want to see that potential electrical business owners have a plan before they can give them money to start the business. 

Analyzing the Resources and Business Requirements

The resources and requirements will primarily depend on how an electrician wishes to set up the business. Nevertheless, it must be clear how they will be taken care of.

Equipment, Tools, and Machinery

Business costs will always vary, but the main costs are likely to be equipment and machinery for those starting an electrical business independently. The administrative costs will generally be reasonably low initially. 

The equipment costs vary significantly from one business to another, contingent on the owner’s preferences and needs. It is always best that electricians start with good quality tools and equipment stocks, however small. 

There are several reasons why electricians must think beforehand about the equipment and machinery needed for starting an electrical business. 

First, the electrical business tends to be mobile. Therefore, it needs quality equipment and tools. Cheap and non-quality ones will deteriorate faster and may prove unreliable within a short time. Furthermore, electricians typically acquire assets and not liabilities. Therefore, they can always resell them, and they can be helpful when an electrical business owner opts for capital-based funding or loans- purchased equipment and machinery provide collateral.



Those looking to start must analyze staffing needs. For example, will they need other electrical assistants, and if so, what qualifications must they have? Will they need training before starting, and how will the recruitment process be handled? 

The qualifications of potential staff impact how well the venture works out, from the operations to customer satisfaction. 

One critical consideration for electricians as they address staffing needs is how they will take care of the financial books. These books take care of taxation and accounting issues. Electricians must critically think about whether they will hire an accountant, have the data in accounting software, or use both? Effective handling of the financials can enhance money and time savings.

Government Regulations

Electricians must take care of all the government requirements and regulations before starting their businesses. They must obtain all the necessary operating documents like business permits and licenses and comply with the regulations such as electrical codes of conduct, safety laws/rules/regulations, and more.


An electrical business’s equipment and machinery will need insurance. Other business essentials will also need general liability insurance. 

Based on a potential electrical business owner’s priorities, they may also consider income protection insurance, an owner’s policy, and workers’ compensation.

Electricians must, therefore, always look for a reputable insurance provider beforehand.

Growth Opportunities and Marketing

Starting an electrical business will require establishing a ground track for growth. Doing some research helps significantly with this- it helps with the decision on where and how to set up the business for increased demand. 

There will be many electrical businesses in operation, but every electrician must decide how they will scope out the competition after starting. Electrical business owners can check out other similar businesses and see their strengths and weaknesses. That way, they can get insights about beating them by honing in a unique idea or concept. The goal should always be to stand out. Electricians may need to consider having an online presence like a website or a social media platform for marketing and growth.

Service Pricing and Charges

Being in the electrical business means service provision, and services can be challenging to price. Nevertheless, those who want to start such businesses must decide how they will charge for labor and time. The trick to the game is striking a balance between quantity and quality. 

High prices can attract customers with high standards. Conversely, low prices can attract customers who want almost everything for meager returns. Therefore, electricians must consider what they want to deliver and decide their service charges accordingly. 

Maximizing on Competitive Advantage


Electrical businesses should have a competitive advantage so they can stand out from others. Therefore, they must decide what they can do better than everyone else, then develop and promote the idea to their advantage. 

Some of the things electricians can think about to build competitive advantage are areas of specialization, the guarantees they can offer, or tech solution harnessing.

Once a potential electrician business owner has taken care of all these issues, they are only left with launching the business, scoring new clients, and working to offer quality services to build the business. Electrical business owners must also keep up with their SWOT analysis and try to learn from those experienced in the field.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the entrepreneurship path in the electrical industry is not easy. Regardless of an electrician's apprenticeship, knowledge, or expertise, starting an electrical business needs a plan. Those who want to go solo will find the information above useful to assist them in building a venture that will eventually pay off.

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